Becoming a Seasonal Decorator: Halloween Centerpiece

I am not, historically, someone who decorates extensively for holidays. I mean, we put up a Christmas Tree. And we usually talk about putting up lights and then don’t get around to it. But I LOVE holidays, and I love at least the idea of decorating for them, so I am trying to turn over a new leaf here. My … Continue reading

Ikea Ribba Picture ledge hanging: proving we can accomplish things on weekdays, too

Yesterday I kept thinking about doing a photo tour of some of the little projects that we really need to get knocked out/finished. But I couldn’t even work up the motivation to post about how hard it is to work up the motivation to do these small things. So I was surprised to find us, last night just before bed, … Continue reading

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Fire Pit Weekend Revealed!

Our yard is very big (we have a half acre lot) and very empty. We have the only non-wooded lot in the (small) neighborhood. The story we got from neighbors is that a tornado a few years back hit our house and took out a bunch of trees, and the former owner went with clearing out the whole backyard as … Continue reading

Spray painting self doubt

While Dave was digging with The Beagle on Saturday, I was confidently applying thin and even coats of green spray paint to the formerly cream colored lamps from the dining room. Said lamps were $5 each at the thrift store and looked like this (with Target shades. I won’t say how much the shades were because it makes the lamps … Continue reading

Library tweaks

I ordered curtains from last week, and they showed up on Friday. For some reason they’re called “conspiracy curtains.” There’s a rug on its way next, for under the armchair (mostly so it doesn’t slide back and break the glass doors….when we get the glass doors). We had trouble deciding between rug and no rug for this room….Dave says … Continue reading

Dining room….the beginning of progress

We are in the midst of a busy home improvement Saturday around here. Already there has been a trip to Lowe’s, curtain hanging, lamp spray-priming, and firepit yard digging. That’s still going on, the digging is. But I can’t help–pregnant! Yep….digging while pregnant gives babies two heads, I think I read somewhere. And hanging curtains is such hard work that … Continue reading

Way Back in May: Part 2

The upstairs! The former owners’ decorating choices get a little more….interesting when you get upstairs. There are 4 bedrooms up there, a laundry room and hall bath, plus a ridiculously┬ábig master bath and closet. Before we saw the inside of the house, I was expecting the room over the garage to be a bonus room. But no. It’s all closet … Continue reading