Library progress

Moving right along with two post/one day madness! So this room is supposed to be the formal living room, but, like almost everyone else, we don’t need one of those. But we do need somewhere for the piano to live, and for all the books to stay, and for Milo and Dave to play guitar, and maybe to play chess? … Continue reading

Way back in May….

I STILL haven’t found my own personal before pictures from the day we moved in…so I grabbed all the realtor pictures that are still there on Zillow. Dave is working (slowly) on a floor plan for me to post, because he’s a math teacher, so he enjoys measuring things. But, in the meantime, here’s a less mathematical tour of an … Continue reading

Meet The Boxy Colonial

House blogging is off to an inauspicious start, I have to say. Take trying to get the picture for the header, for example. First off, I’m positive I took pictures of the outside of the house before we moved in, back in the spring. I took pictures of every room, empty, too. But I can’t find any of them. Either … Continue reading