How about a post that doesn’t require me to wrestle with my card reader problems, because the stuff it’s about isn’t in my house yet!? Yay! I’ve been holding off on ordering the bunk bed for Milo and August’s room, but I checked Target’s website the other day and discovered that the set I was eyeing was on clearance. It’s … Continue reading

Weekend projects/updates/previews of exciting things to come

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend for starting the tile in the master bathroom. But, after having a few people over for some backyard firepit fun last weekend for Dave’s birthday, we decided that replacing the rickety old back porch steps before we have people here for Thanksgiving was a higher priority. Safety first! Nasty germy carpet second. … Continue reading

Grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb chocolate muffins that kids like

My first recipe post! Our baking needs around here are pretty….specific. So I find myself adapting recipes to the point of unrecognizability more often than just using them as is–at least with baked stuff (which is pretty much all I do. Dave is the cook; I am the baker). We are all glutenless, for various reasons that mostly boil down … Continue reading


Back before I bailed on the old homeschool blog, I announced big plans for a post about all the not-at-our-house stuff we do this year. There is…a lot. Here’s what that schedule looks like right now: Monday: classes at LEO in the morning. Ari’s taking a logic class, and Milo and Gus are taking science. Tuesday: Spanish in the morning (tutor comes … Continue reading

House Tour: Milo and August’s Room

Blogging goal for the….week? Next two weeks? ….is to finish up a house tour series–one of those ones wherein I show the rooms we haven’t touched as well as the ones we’ve whipped somewhat into shape. And the ones like today’s, which are sort of in between. (This will be an easier goal to accomplish if my *#$%^^^ing card reader … Continue reading

DIY Chalk Paint: A First Attempt

Update: Psst….another chalk painting attempt, with a more exciting project here A post about chalk paint is sort of a rite of passage if you want to blog about your house, right? At least that is the impression I got from reading 80 gazillion blog posts about chalk paint in preparation for this project. But, truthfully, I had not even heard … Continue reading

There is a room that needs even more help than our bedroom…

And it’s our bathroom. Remember? In fact, Dave and I were talking over a pre-baby priority list for the master bedroom/bathroom, and we agreed that the tile in the master bathroom should really be the top priority. It is both the biggest job and the nastiest. To that end, Dave is planning to go to Floor and Decor’s free class on … Continue reading

DIY Anatomy Flashcards: Wherein I take craftiness to new (for me) levels

Remember when I posted about my anatomy flashcards last week and said that they were kind of a rough draft? I knew I wanted them to look more vintage-y (or, for this set, since they’re supposed to be Halloweeny, more old and spooky). I thought this would probably mean buying some sort of specialized card stock, so yesterday I googled … Continue reading

Homeschool Tuesday

I have a homeschooling blog that I did a pretty good job of updating for a pretty long time. But last year, what with all the house selling and moving and all that, things kind of fell apart. We’re also kind of at the point in our homeschooling where we’ve been doing it for awhile, and we’re pretty happy with all … Continue reading

Master Bedroom: shameful before pics unveiled!

Hey–I hit 1000 pageviews yesterday! So that’s pretty exciting. Although it would be even MORE exciting if more people were leaving me comments. Hint, hint. But even if you don’t leave me a comment, I’m very excited to have all you people who were searching for “halloween metal witch plant holder” here to look at my messy bedroom. I’m sorry … Continue reading