Our master bedroom needs a lot of help.

I am going to post, probably tomorrow, after I get around to making the bed and straightening up just a little, a shameful before picture of our master bedroom, aka the room where we dump all the stuff we can’t figure out another place to put. Because it’s really time to get moving on that. As I’ve mentioned, the giant … Continue reading

Weekend project #2 revealed: DIY wooden baby gate

Update (3/26/13): There is, at long last, a tutorial post, complete with diagrams, on how to make this gate. So if you’ve arrived here from pinterest or from a google search and are thinking, “uh, huh, that’s nice–but how do I make my OWN gate?” ….well, we’ll tell you! Baby gate instructions We are not proud people. If there is … Continue reading

DIY flashcards

Last week I posted a link to some free printable alphabet flashcards that I was thinking of using in my dining room. While my natural tendency IS sometimes to decorate as if I were a five year old, I decided these were probably a bit too juvenile for my dining room purposes (heck, I don’t even HAVE a five year … Continue reading

Busy weekend

I have not one, but TWO weekend projects to blog about this week. One of them I need to finish up before I can take the pictures (I would normally be too impatient to wait and just go ahead and post it as is, but it’s a small enough project that I feel a little sheepish about not just FINISHING … Continue reading

Dining room: acquisitions and musings

So, when we last left off, we were hoping to make the dining/schoolroom a little less traditional, a little more fun/whimsical/quirky/etc. Part of this plan involved globes. So look what I found at the thrift store today! Okay, it is not the quirkiest globe in the world. It is, in fact, pretty….traditional. But I think when he gets together with … Continue reading

Kid bath: progress

This is the room that I mentioned needed some very quick help shortly after we moved in, because it didn’t have a mirror: Clearly, it started out with a big ol’ frameless builder grade mirror, which meant that just slapping a new mirror up there without at least painting wasn’t an option….at least not unless we wanted to buy a … Continue reading

Nursery update (yes, already!)

I have good news and bad news. Bad news: you know the fabulous octopus drawer pulls? The ones that were going to be the best thing in the whole nursery? Yeah, well, I had them all in my cart ready to buy, when I decided to check and see how big they are. Turns out they’re all of 4 centimeters. … Continue reading

Nursery panic: deadline looms!

I fell asleep the other night fretting over what color to paint the den, but I woke up this morning realizing that I have less than 16 weeks (or so) until this baby is born, and I need to get my priorities in order. This is the last nursery I’ll ever do, so I’d like to make it awesome. I’m … Continue reading