Nursery: progress at last! Dresser Makeover with Chalk Paint and Whale Pulls

So let’s see….we’ve crossed putting in hardwood floors of the list. I think we’ve pretty much decided the bathroom tile will have to wait, too. (I guess I should say more about that, since I kept insisting it was SO IMPORTANT. Thing is, the master bath is right over the unheated garage. And it’s a huge room with one lone … Continue reading

This Year’s Christmas Playlist

I love Christmas songs. Old ones and new ones. Sincere ones and cynical ones. Happy ones and sad ones. Jesusy ones and secular ones. All of them! Well. Not really all of them, because then I could just put on a Pandora holiday station and be done with  it. Instead, I have spent the past few years carefully crafting the … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Part 3, plus a GF muffin recipe

Last year was our first gluten free year, and I didn’t really feel ready for doing everything homemade. So I wound up buying pre-made bread (and regular old wheat rolls for our non GF guests). We did make a pie:, as I recall. But this year I’m ready; I’m going to attempt my very first gluten free dinner rolls! For … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: Part 2: Thanksgiving Tablescape

AKA The Prettiest Table In the World In My House I DID buy the Patch dessert plates from Target. Then I waited and waited and waited for like FOUR DAYS for them to get here. And then they did! And it was a magical day. There was a time, back like…a week and a half ago, when I planned to … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: Part 1: “Give Thanks” banner

The relatives start arriving tomorrow evening, so a lot of what’s going on around here is frantic cleaning (clean refrigerator! vacuumed under the couch cushions!)….but there have been interludes for slightly more fun stuff, too (more fun than vacuuming under the couch cushions?! Yes, even more fun than that). I finally got around to taking down the Halloween-y anatomy flash cards (not … Continue reading

It’s the little things. Right?

I have bigger things to blog about–like the FINALLY (mostly) finished back steps. And Thanksgiving. But first, a post about a few of the little things that have been going on, house-wise. Fiesta and Gable decided to stop taking turns on everyone’s favorite dog bed and just share it instead. Awwww…..BFFs! I finally finished painting this little table thing. I … Continue reading

House Tour: Den

Continuing on our glacially paced house tour, we arrive at the den. Here it is before we moved in: It looks bigger in the picture than it really is, I do believe. Tricky lenses. And it’s a tricky room, too….the trickiest in the house, I think. I cannot figure out what to do with it. It feels very dark, even … Continue reading

Thinking about dishes…..

That’s what I’m doing this morning. I love dishes. Our only set at the moment is the one I got from my grandmother: She had this set, as far as I know, from the time she got married up until I was grown or nearly grown and she finally bought new china. She had eight kids, so, while I’m sure … Continue reading


*house stuff has been slow going this week and last. Eventually we will FINALLY have some finished steps to post about, though. They are finished enough now that dogs (who don’t need a hand rail) can go down them, and that makes me happy) In 2008, we read tons of books about presidents and elections and super hyped everything enough … Continue reading

So easy! So much better now!

Remember these prints, a housewarming present from friends? I gave them a makeover (i.e. I spray painted the frames), and now they look like this: I can’t believe how different they look now, and how much fresher and better for the space. This is actually the first time I’ve ever painted frames. Now that I know how satisfying it is, … Continue reading