And Looking Ahead….Goals/Plans for 2013

I hesitate to even make this list, because I don’t want to feel tied down next October to what I thought was most important nearly a year before. If that makes sense. But I like to think that I’m a flexible enough person to not do that. I’m also hesitant because right now I want to just put “the rest … Continue reading

Looking Back….Part 2: Best things about blogging

I planned to do a blog about the new house before I even knew which house it would be (and THAT’S kind of a long story, that I’ll tell sometime). We had no idea we were even going to move until around this time last year. In fact, around this time last year we were simultaneously FINALLY getting around to … Continue reading

Looking back at…..the last 1/3 of 2012

We moved in to the Boxy Colonial in May, but I didn’t get started blogging until September (I’d long planned to do it, but actually jumping in took me awhile). First post September 2, but then nothing else until the 18th. Since then I’ve done a fair job keeping up with posting. I attribute this largely to blogging being more … Continue reading

DIY Steps for Amateurs–by Dave!

Dave takes a lot longer than I do to finish a blog post, but he’s also a lot more thorough. These steps were finished awhile ago. And still standing! Who knows if my mobile will have long since fallen on the baby two months from now…. –Gretchen This is a momentous occasion … my very first blog entry!  Gretchen has … Continue reading

Back to work! No-sew curtains for the nursery

No more of this taking time off for Christmas nonsense; I am 3 weeks and 1 day away from my due date. Predictably, doing the board and batten right before Christmas did not actually happen. But we made up for it a bit by spending the evening before Christmas Eve making our very first no-sew (or, umm, any kind of) … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! I got a new camera!

I broke out my big present today because it’s my new camera and I NEED it for tomorrow morning. Oh my goodness; I’m in love! It’s not a huge upgrade…I had a Canon Rebel XT, and I went with the Rebel T3i this time, opting to stick with a more affordable body to leave more room in the budget for … Continue reading

DIY Circle Mobile: a tutorial with many pictures

Warning! This post will contain approximately 4 million pictures because 1. tutorial! and 2. mobiles are fun to take pictures of. If one is in search of a mobile for one’s baby’s nursery, one can do a quick Etsy search and find many beautiful and pricy mobiles to choose from. Quite a few of them are made out of colorful … Continue reading

Babies and their accessories: specifically slings and clothes

I know everyone else is still posting about Christmas, but I am done with that! Moving on! Mostly because I have a post Christmas deadline looming, and a half finished nursery staring at me every time I go in my bedroom. I’m still kind of impressed with how much we’ve gotten done in the past couple of weeks, but I … Continue reading

Looking forward: I want this wallpaper!

I have a lot of nursery things that I’m almost ready to post about. Maybe, if someone hadn’t put his Math Olympiad books right on top of my special scissors and double sided tape and ribbon in the buffet, so that I had to spend forever looking for them, I would even be ready for one of those posts right now. But no. … Continue reading

Kvar-FAIL: the story of a room divider

Quick review: when we first realized we were going to need a nursery (and that we didn’t want to give up the guest room for it, at least not right away), we planned to hire someone to put up a wall with french doors, dividing our ginormous (29 by 13) master bedroom into two sections. Then this started to seem….expensive. … Continue reading