Oh! Also! The LAST Christmas Decorating Post

I totally forgot! Our house has a weird….kid? cherub? ghost? hanging out above the front door. He’s actually a little bit creepy. I don’t think any other house in the neighborhood has one; I’m not sure why anyone ever thought it was a great idea to put him there. But, at any rate, there he is. And as soon as … Continue reading

The Other Christmas Decorating Post

In years past (most of them anyway), we have done things like going to tree farms to cut down our own tree, or we’ve gone places that had hayrides and cocoa and visits with Santa to complement their overpriced trees, or, at the very least, we’ve gone to a less elaborate tree selling place but sprung for the Noble Fir, … Continue reading

Dare to DIY (Deck the Halls); giant snowflakes, et. al.

Last week of the Dare to DIY link party, and I’m back with another DIY project fit for a 7 year old! I was going to do one mammoth Christmas decorating post (well, as mammoth as it could be given our less than mammoth Christmas decorations (pregnant! universal excuse for everything I don’t do!)), but I seem to be ┬áhaving … Continue reading

Redecorating the blog

What do we think? Eventually I’d like to de-Bloggerify and use something more flexible…..but, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with more flexibility right now anyway. As it is, I needed my eleven year old to help me change things around. But, yeah, much as I love my Boxy Colonial, it was kind of overwhelmingly … Continue reading

Decking the Nursery Walls

Remind me never to decorate a nursery at the same time I’m trying to get the house ready for Christmas again. It’s a little much. Anyway, we did the tree last night and some other stuff here and there, and I’m saving that all up for a grand Christmas post over the weekend for the next Dare to DIY challenge … Continue reading

Nursery: The Master To-do List

First a few notes:*The Advent calendar continues to be a hit. Today we’re making giant paper snowflakes.*I think I need a totally non-fun version of the calendar for me. It would say things like, “mail the property tax check before you have to pay a penalty, you dummy!” “do some laundry,” and “get to work on those photo books; it’s … Continue reading

Belated DIY Vintage Advent Calendar

THIS is the project my broken (well, broken until yesterday; still somewhat unreliable and testy) printer delayed and nearly ruined Christmas by refusing to print for me. My poor kids didn’t even have an Advent calendar until December 2! Tragic! And, of course, if you’re reading this in 2012, you either already have an Advent calendar or you’re pretty much … Continue reading

DIY Coasters for Christmas!

I know that there are approximately 80 gazillion tutorials out there for how to make your very own DIY coasters out of 16 cent tiles from Lowes….but I think maybe the reason for this is that coasters are actually pretty useful (like, if I had any, I wouldn’t always have to grab a random scrap of paper to put my … Continue reading


I did not mean to go so long between blog entries. I have a bunch of them in the queue, so to speak, that I have not gotten around to writing yet for various reasons. Such as: 1. Out of town guests2. Strep throat (Ari, not me)3. My *&(&(^*&%^* printer won’t work, and its functionality is essential for one of … Continue reading