2013 in Review: Checking the Goal List

Last year right about this time I wrote out a list of plans/goals for 2013, and now the day of reckoning has come! I wrote a post back in July to check in on our progress….and, looking back at that, it seems that the first half of the year was more productive than the last. It’s kind of startling how much of the last third of the year is given over to holiday and, in our case, birthday planning/decorating/celebrating. So maybe “spend a ridiculous amount of time on holiday decorating” should be on my list of goals for next year. Okay! So…how’d it go?

1. Finish the nursery AND the master bedroom:

Kicking myself for putting this together as one goal! Otherwise I could just be all, “yep! did it in January!” The master bedroom is still one dedicated chunk of a weekend away from being finished, but it’s been stuck there for a long time.

To recap–nursery–all done!

Master bedroom–getting there:

2. Redo the den:

I abandoned this plan pretty early on, when it became clear that a new sofa probably wouldn’t be in the budget this year. So nothing’s happened in there. It’s starting to really get on my nerves, though, so its time may come sooner rather than later.

3. Finish painting trim and hanging art in Ari’s room:

Overachievers! Done and then some. A lot:

4. Get hardwood floors in (at least) Milo and Gus’ room:

Yeah….no. Not sure when it’s going to happen, either.

5. Vegetable Garden

Did it!

Next year it would be nice to expand this to more than one bed.

6. Build some furniture

Why, yes. Dave built this bench for our foyer:

And this table for our kitchen:

7. Chalkboard wall for the kitchen:


8. Furnish the sunroom, somehow or other:

Meeting this goal is maybe the single thing we’ve done that’s had the most positive impact on our (house) lives. We spend so much time in the sunroom now. I love it. There’s still more to do, but it’s definitely come a very long way from its days as a dog playpen.

9. Figure out how to help the sad porch/deck and make some progress on it:

I’m calling this done, since I did not specify how much progress we needed to make. We have a basic plan in mind (more on that later) and we tore up the nasty carpet on the screen porch:

10. Get rid of carpet in master bath:

We made things pretty exciting here and waited until pretty much the last possible moment…but the carpet is gone! Goodbye nasty carpet!



Much more on that whole saga later!

So….7.5 out of 10….a solid, umm, C. Naw, I’m good with it…I put lots of disclaimers on the original list about how it was intended to be very flexible and tentative and all that. I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve accomplished in our first full calendar year here.

I’ll ring in the New Year (or maybe the day after the New Year) with our list of 2014 hopes/plans/goals. Until then, Happy New Year to everyone and thanks so much for being here over the past year!




2013 in Review: Checking the Goal List — 12 Comments

  1. Happy New Year to you Gretchen!!! You have rocked it out this past year! Your house projects are beautiful and your spaces sing great design and originality! You are super talented and I look forward to being inspired in 2014 lady!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. You’ve made great progress! I didn’t write a goals list last year… but if I had it would be about the same 🙂 Some spaces I didn’t even start and others weren’t even on the list, lol.

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