Milo and August’s Room: Updated

Another room for the house tour! I’m not really meaning to not post them (up on the little house tour tab that is)  until I have them looking somewhat finished, but it’s hard to work up the motivation to get it done otherwise. Anyway, when we last left Milo and Gus’ room, it was stuffed full of loft beds and … Continue reading

Hmm….Schoolhouse Light Fixture

As promised, a post not about the baby! A couple of weeks ago, I came across At Home on the Bay’s DIY schoolhouse light fixture, and I fell in love with it. (And, in fact, with her whole house/blog). She was, in turn, inspired by the lovely but expensive fixtures at Schoolhouse Electric. At Home on the Bay’s DIY Schoolhouse Light … Continue reading

Abe at One Week and Photo Project Thoughts

Abe is one week old today! And, in another milestone, we all survived Dave’s first day back at work. At work, Dave received cake and gifts. At home, there was fussing and lots of milk. Really, it was all fine. Mostly it just seemed to go very fast and I couldn’t get anything done. Which is pretty much how I … Continue reading

This and That

Last day before Dave goes back to work! Feeling sense of urgency to complete all things that require two hands TODAY! Not really. I should be feeling said sense of urgency, but instead I’m hanging out at my computer while Dave has all four boys (!! FOUR boys. What have I done?!) in the other room playing video games, something Ari, … Continue reading


This baby is incredibly tiny. He’s not really, since he is pretty much exactly average for babies (he was 7 pounds, 7 ounces), but to me he is TINY. My last two babies were over nine pounds, and Ari, my next smallest, was a full pound bigger than Abe. I kept expecting the nurses at the hospital to comment about … Continue reading

Reclaimed Wood Shelves: DIYAS 15/15 Project

Thursday morning I had a baby, but Wednesday night I was at Home Depot, buying shelf brackets for this project. When I saw the announcement for the 15 minute/$15 project link party from the Do It Yourself Action Squad (Broke Ass Home, Middle Class Modern, Sandpaper and Glue, and Interiors by Kenz), I immediately thought of doing this project for it, because I … Continue reading

Look What I Did Today!

I had a baby! Abraham Barry (Abe), born at 7:24 this morning (1-17), weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Many sevens! He shares a birthday with Betty White and Benjamin Franklin. And he weighed 2 full pounds less than his last two brothers and showed up after just 3 1/2 hours of labor, so we’re pretty happy with him so far. … Continue reading

I Don’t Have a Baby Yet, But I Still Have Stains on My Carpet

Turns out I didn’t really have a blog plan for the scenario that is happening….i.e. a finished nursery with no baby to go with it. I just kind of figured I would triumphantly finish the nursery and post about it, and then I’d go have the baby the next day. But I’m still here. If I don’t have the baby … Continue reading

$11 Big Wooden Whale: The LAST (sniff) (at least for now) Nursery Post

I think I first got the idea for making a big wooden whale while I was poking around looking at ocean animal stuff on Etsy and saw a few from various sellers on there. For prices like $80-90 + shipping (and shipping is a lot on a big wooden whale). I was pretty sure that if Dave and I combined … Continue reading

Abe’s Ocean Nursery: A Blue, Orange, and Gray, Not Overwhelmingly Sea Creature-y Nursery Reveal

This nursery has a theme. I know that I’m supposed to be all, “no way. I’M a grown-up, and I’m going to spend plenty of time in this room, too, and the sooner my kid learns that the world doesn’t owe him a whimsical bedroom, the better off he’ll be.” But I am a grown-up who appreciates themes. Seriously, I’m … Continue reading