At Last! Board and Batten, or: Where the Caulk Was: Sort of a Tutorial

I will get to that part–where the mysteriously missing caulk was hiding–later on. I had this idea in my head that putting up board and batten would take up most of a leisurely Saturday, and then we’d be all finished and move on to other exciting nursery tasks like making a whale. I guess all the tutorials I read entitled … Continue reading

More Not Sewing: No-sew Crib Skirt Edition

I tried to finish the board and batten today so that I could tell you all about it–I really did. But I couldn’t find the caulk. Dave and I both keep hoping the other person will finish the board and batten every time we leave the house. Anyway, given this tragic lack of caulk, I made a crib skirt instead. We … Continue reading

All Baby, All the Time

I have a big board and batten post to write up as soon as we finally get around to caulking it. This is a busy week, with starting back up with school/work, Dave’s tutoring three nights this week, I’m going out with friends, we’re hoping to see Les Mis before the baby is born, etc. Also, I’m nervous about caulking. … Continue reading

Nursery Progress Check-in

Eleven days until due date and counting. Counting for I don’t know how long, since I don’t know when I’ll actually have a baby. But anyway. It’s getting close, so it seems like a good time to check in on the big master list I made a month ago tomorrow and see how we’re doing. The list:1. hang curtain room … Continue reading

Add Legs to a Dresser: Free Dresser Turned…Not as Free (but Better)

I do not, I’m sorry to say, have any whales or squids to offer you today. But I do have just one more article of furniture to share, and despite its lack of aquatic life, I think the transformation is pretty dramatic. We already had one dresser for the nursery, but, while it is very pretty, we thought a little … Continue reading

Homeschool Wednesday: Georgia Aquarium

We’re not really doing school this week. We’re still on Christmas break. But my sister-in-law, Amy, her husband, Craig, and their kids, Benjamin and Louis, are in town from California for a few days, so we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium–the aquarium that was, when it was built, the largest in the world! It doesn’t sound so impressive … Continue reading

Ringing in the New Year With a Fancy Fabric-backed Bookcase for the Nursery

(I had sort of hoped to either have a baby before 2012 ended, for tax deduction purposes, or to have the first baby in my city/state/country of 2013, in hopes of getting free stuff. But, as you can see, I am still here. Historically, my babies show up remarkably close to their due dates). So check out how I’m trying … Continue reading