At Last! Board and Batten, or: Where the Caulk Was: Sort of a Tutorial

I will get to that part–where the mysteriously missing caulk was hiding–later on. I had this idea in my head that putting up board and batten would take up most of a leisurely Saturday, and then we’d be all finished and move on to other exciting nursery tasks like making a whale. I guess all the tutorials I read entitled … Continue reading

More Not Sewing: No-sew Crib Skirt Edition

I tried to finish the board and batten today so that I could tell you all about it–I really did. But I couldn’t find the caulk. Dave and I both keep hoping the other person will finish the board and batten every time we leave the house. Anyway, given this tragic lack of caulk, I made a crib skirt instead. We … Continue reading

All Baby, All the Time

I have a big board and batten post to write up as soon as we finally get around to caulking it. This is a busy week, with starting back up with school/work, Dave’s tutoring three nights this week, I’m going out with friends, we’re hoping to see Les Mis before the baby is born, etc. Also, I’m nervous about caulking. … Continue reading

Nursery Progress Check-in

Eleven days until due date and counting. Counting for I don’t know how long, since I don’t know when I’ll actually have a baby. But anyway. It’s getting close, so it seems like a good time to check in on the big master list I made a month ago tomorrow and see how we’re doing. The list:1. hang curtain room … Continue reading

More Fun With Cousins

The cousins (along with their parents) are going home to California today, so here’s a bit more about the stuff we did while they were here. No more cousins until summer. Boo! Our kids got this tube thing with Mentos for making diet coke shoot up in the air for Christmas. It was at World Market for something like $7, … Continue reading

Add Legs to a Dresser: Free Dresser Turned…Not as Free (but Better)

I do not, I’m sorry to say, have any whales or squids to offer you today. But I do have just one more article of furniture to share, and despite its lack of aquatic life, I think the transformation is pretty dramatic. We already had one dresser for the nursery, but, while it is very pretty, we thought a little … Continue reading

Homeschool Wednesday: Georgia Aquarium

We’re not really doing school this week. We’re still on Christmas break. But my sister-in-law, Amy, her husband, Craig, and their kids, Benjamin and Louis, are in town from California for a few days, so we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium–the aquarium that was, when it was built, the largest in the world! It doesn’t sound so impressive … Continue reading

Ringing in the New Year With a Fancy Fabric-backed Bookcase for the Nursery

(I had sort of hoped to either have a baby before 2012 ended, for tax deduction purposes, or to have the first baby in my city/state/country of 2013, in hopes of getting free stuff. But, as you can see, I am still here. Historically, my babies show up remarkably close to their due dates). So check out how I’m trying … Continue reading