Public Service Announcement Post/ Excuse for Cute Beagle Pics

If you would like a house-related post, I could blog about how I managed to wash a rug today and dust the library. No? Okay, how about a bit about dogs then? I have had four dogs in my adult life, and they’ve all been rescue dogs. First there was Oliver. I got Oliver from the animal shelter when I … Continue reading

Rustic Industrial Vintage Desk Makeover for Tween Room

Back when I talked about our plans for Ari’s room, I mentioned how much I loved this two toned dresser at Simply Klassic Home: Two toned dresser at Simply Klassic Home ….and how I planned to redo his desk in the same style. Fortunately, I also pinned it to my board of ideas for his room, so when I saw … Continue reading

A DIY Magnetic Chore Chart for Free Spirits

Okay, not really. A REAL free spirit would live in her van and not do ANY chores EVER. But maybe, say, you might have been a free spirit in a different life, but in this one you have four kids, three dogs, two cats, and two and a half baths in your big house, so you HAVE to clean stuff, … Continue reading

Weekend Lovefest

Maybe I will do this every weekend! Or I might not. I like to keep everyone guessing that way. But, anyway, here’s a list of stuff I’m particularly fond of this week: 1. Babylegs babylegs Babylegs are baby (and toddler) leg warmers. I had a pair for Gus, but not until he was a bit older. I put a pair … Continue reading

A Few Things: Sofa Scheming, Something to Paint, and Much More!

This is my 100th post, so I tried to think of something really amazing to post about. Instead, I have a collection of small, random things for you. I did my best. Random Thing #1: As I reflect upon my plans to redo every piece of furniture in Ari’s room, make a new headboard for him, create some fabulousness for … Continue reading

Progress in Ari’s Room: a Bedside Table Made Over

My goal is to finish Ari’s tween room before he’s a teenager. Or, preferably, by the beginning of April, because we have a big project in mind for Dave’s spring break. We’ll see how things go, though, as always. But! There has been definite progress since I first posted about the current state of and future plans for Ari’s room. … Continue reading

Abe: One Month (With Bonus Ari and August)

One month already! I didn’t do four week pictures, since he was going to be a month old just a couple of days later. I can’t believe he’s already outgrown weekly photo shoots! Abe at one month is awake a lot more than he used to be. Fortunately, he’s generally in a pretty good mood as long as someone’s holding … Continue reading

Gallery Walls and Sea Urchins: Tweaking the Nursery

Update 2/25: My post about where to find bird and botanical images online was surprisingly popular, so I thought I’d make my new discovery about where to find lots more public domain images to print a little more prominent in this post. If you’re just looking for the source for the images, scroll down until you see the fish print. … Continue reading

School + Baby=?????

So you’ve probably been wondering what homeschooling with a tiny baby around is like. No? I guess maybe that was all me, actually….for the past 10 months or so….”OMG; how am I going to do school AND have a baby?!” Because that sounded hard. Truth be told it is, so far, not all that bad. But this is because my … Continue reading

Cows, Fox Hunting, and Mushrooms…oh my!

I guess combing the internet for digitized public domain scientific literature with lovely illustrations is my new hobby. But look what I found! The Biodiversity Heritage Library is: a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open … Continue reading