Flower Banner: Skipping Ahead to Spring

It was in the 60’s here Saturday while the northern half of the country was being buried under snow, so I decided to give up on coming up with a late winter theme for the banner in the dining room and just go ahead and accept the early arrival of spring (thus guaranteeing 6 inches of snow sometime in the … Continue reading

DIY Ikea Lego Table: aka The Super Secret Project: The Day the Glue Gun Let Me Down

And now, at last, I reveal the super secret project that I actually already mentioned, back when I posted about August and Milo’s room. It’s also a really simple project, both in theory and in execution, so I hope no one feels too let down by all my “super secret” build up. I came across the idea to make a … Continue reading

August’s Very Late Birthday Party

Gus turned seven back in December. But he was also being Tiny Tim three times every weekend for most of December, and then there was Christmas, and then I was having a baby….and, what, with one thing and another, we didn’t get around to having his party until today. He decided he wanted to have his party at the Chattahoochee … Continue reading

Abe: Three Weeks Old!

When you turn 3 weeks old, you get a brand new backdrop! I was using a sheet from our bed. But at some point I realized that we were eventually going to need to put that sheet on the bed. That finally happened this week, but not before we picked up this gray throw at Ikea. So that worked out … Continue reading

Hey Girl….You’re Incredible for Getting TWO Blog Posts Up Today AND Feeding Your Growth-spurty Baby 80 Gazillion Times

So the Hey Girl link party hosted by Kelly at View Along the Way, Michelle at Decor and the Dog, Chelsea at Two Twenty One, Bliss at Bliss Ranch, and Ashley at Domestic Imperfection…. ….sounded super fun. But I still didn’t think I was going to do it because you know that post about how I hung some pictures on … Continue reading

Free Art! Plants vs. Birds

I’ve had a link to the Botanicus Digital Library¬†bookmarked for quite awhile now. It’s a project from the ¬†Missouri Botanical Garden Library to digitize scientific literature and make it available on the internet. Some of the texts they’ve digitized have really pretty pictures in them. Probably they had loftier goals than beautifying people’s walls in mind when they started the … Continue reading

Baby’s First Trip to Ikea

We had been planning a trip to Ikea this weekend for awhile, and then I had the brilliant idea that the best time ever for an Ikea trip would be during the Superbowl. The plan worked beautifully. I have never seen Ikea so empty–at least not on a weekend. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve managed to … Continue reading

Ari’s Room: Messy Before Shots and Plans

Now that we’ve finally hung up those lights and added Milo and Gus’ room to the house tour, it seems only fair that we pay some attention to Ari’s room now. Because this is what has been going on in Ari’s room for the past several months: Umm….I really hate painting trim. Can you tell? I pretty much wish we’d … Continue reading

Abe: Two Weeks Old

I can’t really remember managing to accomplish anything else today, but I did get Abe’s two week photo shoot in. I fear things are going to get a little repetitive with the giant seal until Abe’s old enough to do stuff like sit on him and hold him and fling him around gleefully. But, look, this week I put WORDS … Continue reading