We Hung Up a Picture, and I’m Writing a Whole Post About It

….but I’m going to make it SUPER fascinating. Well. Anyway, I have some stuff to say about it. Before we get into all that, I should mention that next week is Dave’s spring break which means…..BIG PROJECTS! I hope. I have two big projects planned, at any rate. And maybe some small and medium sized ones, too. Also, we should … Continue reading

DIY Baby and Dog Gate Instructions

Update, 5/2014: a couple of people have mentioned having trouble finding the upgraded latch that we used, so I thought I’d make the search a bit easier :). It’s a “Gatehouse sliding patio door latch,” available at Lowe’s for $4.72. One person mentioned in the comments that it’s pretty easy to find at hardware stores as long as you ask … Continue reading

The Week Via Instagram

Early last week we had a fun adventure hanging out in the basement for spring’s first tornado warning (one of the reasons the thought of buying a house without a basement made me very nervous when we were looking. Word is this house was actually hit by a tornado a few years back. I hope that means the odds have … Continue reading

DIY Industrial Curtain Rods and No-sew Curtains: An Ari’s Room Update

Back in the old days, like the day before yesterday, the curtains in Ari’s room looked like this: The colors were nice in there, but I wasn’t crazy about the cafe length thing, and they weren’t in the best condition thanks to some naughty kitties (he’s had them for quite awhile–they were around for a few years at the old … Continue reading

Abe at Two Months + Milo’s March Pics

Abe turned two months old on Sunday, and I finally got a chance to finish editing the pictures from his two month photo shoot and write this post. I’m loving the pictures I got this time. He’s making so many different expressions now, and his improved head control offers up a whole new world of possibilities for poses. And check … Continue reading

Who needs money when you have plywood and a jigsaw?

You probably know, because I love it so much and won’t shut up about it, that we made a big whale out of plywood for Abe’s nursery: Last week a couple of fabulous plywood wall hanging projects popped up….which is making me wonder: why isn’t EVERYONE making big wall hangings out of plywood?  Seriously, it’s cheap, it’s easy, it makes … Continue reading

The Week Via Instagram

On Monday, everything was going fine. We did math: The kids had a friend over and played outside for a long time. Then the rain started. In this picture, you can see that it is a rainy day and also that our whole neighborhood is filled with other boxy colonials. I think there are maybe 3 that aren’t brick-front (there … Continue reading

A Raised Garden Bed, Because I Guess it’s Really Not Going to Snow this Year

I was going to call that picture, “A quick and easy garden bed” or something of the sort. But then we spent all weekend on it, and then I realized I had something like 22 pictures for this post, and…..I decided to just go with the more correct “simple.” The weekend, to be fair, was tainted by illness and filled … Continue reading

Sunroom Musings

I like to have at least 2 projects, big or small, to blog about every week (in my head, the goal is 3ish house/decorating/DIY related posts–either stuff we’ve done, stuff we plan to do, random observations, or whatever–and 1-2 kid/family/life related posts. Just so you know what I’m shooting for so you can judge me when I fall short). Partially … Continue reading