Umm….Weekend Wrap-up on Monday?

Maybe Mondays are better anyway, because that’s when I can actually remember what happened over the weekend. I’d like to do weekly recaps here, since this blog has swallowed my homeschool blog, and I like to have some family life documentation for future nostalgic purposes/grandparents/et. al. So feel free to skip and come back when there’s house stuff. But if … Continue reading

A Subway Map Inspired Dresser for Ari’s Room

Not going to lie; I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s a project that could not be a Pinterest Challenge, because I came up with it all on my own. Not that a striped dresser is anything unique, but I haven’t seen any other subway map striped dressers. Back when I posted about the plans for Ari’s room, I mentioned that … Continue reading

Bunny and Chicken Silhouettes: The Last of the Easter Decorating Extravaganza

That’s right–Easter decorating week is nearly over! Back to our regularly scheduled tween room redo (with maybe some gardening action thrown in!) after this. I’ve seen a ton of silhouette art around lately (it occurs to me that most of my posts could be Pinterest Challenge posts, really), so I decided to throw some into the Easter decorating mix here. This … Continue reading

Fourteen Eggs….Transformed! (Much Like the Bunnies Were, Only Different)

I continue to decorate for Easter. Those who saw this picture (or a similar one) on Instagram: ….will observe after this post that I’m getting pretty close to the bottom of my giant pile of Easter decorating stuff. Today we deal with eggs, the natural follow up to bunnies, of course. See that funny white candle holder thing? I picked … Continue reading

3D Lego Art for the Ever Expanding Nursery Gallery Wall

Taking a break from Easter decorating while some paint dries to bring you the latest addition to Abe’s gallery wall. Remember how I said that Milo was the only brother who hadn’t contributed anything to it? We made quick work of remedying that situation. One of the kids got a Lego mosaic kit for Christmas a few years ago. It was … Continue reading

Six Bunnies….transformed!

I think there’s some sort of ancient proverb that says something like, “She who starts 14 projects all at once at the beginning of the weekend will have trouble finishing even one of them by the end of the weekend.” Yeah. Back on Friday, I was very proud of my ambitious plans and all the stuff we were going to … Continue reading

Insert Clever Title Here

All the good alliterative “hey–here’s what the week was like or whatever” titles are already taken. Friday  Five, Weekend Wrap-up, etc. I need something totally not obvious that no one’s ever thought of before, which would probably mean it would need to be either really bad or really weird. Weekend Whatever. Frolicking on Friday. Friday Fudgsicle. Woe Unto You Weekend. … Continue reading