Dresser Vignette, Heavy on the Vintage

So after yesterday’s dramatic fail, I thought maybe I’d post about something that just involves moving already created stuff around the house, so that I could only screw it up by making it look ugly. Nothing could be destroyed in the process unless I just dropped it and broke it (or unless I decided to smear Mod Podge all over … Continue reading

DIY FAIL: Wrinkly Map of Boston

This is not just a DIY fail. It is a DIY fail nearly fifteen years in the making. Let me back up. Nearly fifteen years ago, Dave and I moved to Boston (well, Somerville). Dave had just graduated from Oberlin, and I was a year out of UGA. He was headed for an internship at the Museum of Science (that … Continue reading

The 15 Most Beautifully Written Books for Babies and Toddlers

A few disclaimers and notes first. I certainly don’t claim this list is definitive, and, in fact, I hope you guys will chime in with additions for me to check out. And there are plenty of close runners-up that I’m leaving out. And I’m sure I’m forgetting some that I would have put in if I’d only remembered them. And … Continue reading

Ari’s Room: Plank Headboard (plus new bedding)

When we first started planning Ari’s room makeover, I mentioned that we were contemplating either a pallet wall or headboard. I guess the picture above is kind of a spoiler…we went with headboard. I also did enough reading about the potential chemical laden scariness of pallets to decide to play it safe and buy brand new wood instead, seeing as … Continue reading

Abe at THREE months + Gus pics

It’s a little bit incredible how big this baby is getting. He’s chubby and delicious. He goes to bed by 7:30 every night, and doesn’t wake up until at least 4 or 5 most mornings (and then goes back to sleep after nursing). He almost never takes naps longer than half an hour or so. He loves books, and kicks … Continue reading

A Weekend Full of Outside

I’ll be honest: my primary goal for our yard and “landscaping” is that it look decent enough that the neighbors don’t get together and plot ways to try to make us move out. When we walk the dogs, I spend a lot of my time pointing out yards that aren’t any better than ours to Dave, to make myself feel … Continue reading

Dave Tells Us How to Build a Bench with Shoe Storage

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Dave’s on a roll with this whole writing posts thing! I’m pretty sure this post has the distinction of the most pictures of any post EVER! Pictures are helpful when you’re trying to build stuff. This project was pretty fun. ┬áSince we have plans to build a farmhouse table for the … Continue reading

Aquarium Showdown!

One might think, based on my posts from the last few months, that the only thing we ever do during Dave’s breaks is go to aquariums. But it is merely a coincidence! Still, since it just so happens that we’ve visited two localish aquariums recently, I thought I’d do a post comparing the two instead of just more pictures of … Continue reading

A New Coat Rack and Bench for Our Foyer=Much Better

Update: bench building instructions here Six people live in our house, and five of us wear shoes. In winter, we all wear coats, too. Shoes and coats for five/six people take up a remarkable amount of space. You know what would be nice? If we had a dedicated mudroom somewhere around here (preferably near a door). But, alas, we do … Continue reading

The Week Via Instagram: Spring Break Edition

Dave’s back at work as of today, but let’s spend some time reminiscing about back when he didn’t go to work for 9 whole days in a row. We spent a lot of time on house stuff and a lot of time feeding and changing a baby, but we got a few other things in, too. Remember how the kids … Continue reading