Sunroom Progress: Chunky Dresser Makeover

Awhile back, as some of you may recall, I bought a big chunky dresser for $45 at the thrift store (not on the same Friday night that I bought everything else that’s now in my house, but at the same store). Said dresser is unbelievably heavy and still has a stamp on the back dating it to 1974. I’d had some … Continue reading

Disney Planning

I love Disney World more than anything else on earth. Well, I mean there’s my family. I love them more. I love Disney World more than anyWHERE else on earth. Although I do like my house a lot. If I had to pick between my house and Disney World, I would live… this house IN Disney World: Golden Oak at … Continue reading

Easter Photo Spew

Saturday we did all our our Easter prep work. Like the egg dyeing. And my trip to Target to get the last minute egg dyeing kit. Some time last week I thought maybe I was going to find some amazing homemade egg dye recipe to make with the kids. Then I looked up recipes, and the first one I read … Continue reading