A couple of things: 1. Have you heard? Probably you have. Lots of times. But, just in case, Google reader is going away very, very soon. Like July 1. This is very sad, but the good news is there are alternatives! I’ve been using Bloglovin’ and, now that I’m used to it, I can barely remember why I care that Google … Continue reading

Let there be light! (and also hot water)

Warning: wordy post ahead. And the pictures I DID take for it, I forgot to take until it was dark out, so they suck. Sorry. oh! But then I put WORDS on the pictures to at least make them hilarious for you. HI-larious. Perhaps the times when I wish the most for unlimited wealth is when something important is broken. … Continue reading

Fancy Lady and the Hound

Sometimes you come home from the thrift store with something so BEAUTIFUL that you have to write a whole post about it. And sometimes you come home with TWO really awesome things, so you write about the two of them. The other day Dave was all, “we need to get out of the house and do something; let’s go to … Continue reading

Summer Disney Series, Part 2: Where to Stay? Off Property vs. On

If you missed the first entry in this series on what time of year is best for your trip, check it out here. Not so very long ago, in this very blog, I said that I strongly preferred staying on property at Disney World because it’s more magical. I’m ready to say now, after our second try staying off property, … Continue reading

Painting the Sunroom

The sharper eyed among you might have noticed in Wednesday’s pinwheel post that the yellow is finally gone in the sun room! But you can’t really tell what color it is in that picture, because it’s so, so light. It’s the lightest I’ve ever painted a room, ever. Some people are afraid of color; I’m afraid of white walls. And these … Continue reading

Quick 4th of July Project!

I’m always on the lookout for crafts even I can’t am unlikely to screw up. So when I came across these super cute pinwheels awhile back on Circusberry, I pinned them immediately: Circusberry ….and then, a couple of days ago, I did something even better: I actually MADE some! Crazy idea, right? You pin something and then you make it. … Continue reading

Abe at Five Months

Five months sounds SO big; so much older than four months. Sniff, sniff. And this past month seemed to fly by, probably partly because we were out of town for a week of it. Another rainy 17th to make photography challenging. I took a million or so pictures, but the vast majority were out of focus, owing both to the … Continue reading

Summer Disney Series Part 1: When to Go?

What I really want to do with my life–what I want to do for a living–is I want to be at Disney World. I’m good at it. Not really. I am misquoting Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything there. It turns out that being at Disney World is an even less realistic career goal than kickboxing. But I do love Disney … Continue reading

The Sunroom has STUFF in it Now!

We’ve been hanging out in the sunroom nonstop since a few days ago when we finally got it all set up with furniture. I think we would have made it a priority sooner had we realized what a lovely room it was going to be. The thing that bothers me most about our floor plan is how closed off the … Continue reading

The Big House List, Part 1: Downstairs

Aww….summer. If you are us, summer means a couple of months of two adults being home. Summer is the best part of Dave’s job. We love summer. Except that it’s really, really hot. But you can’t have everything. Summer is, theoretically, a good time to knock out projects. Last summer, Dave built a fence. We thought that maybe Dave should … Continue reading