Summer Disney Series, Part 6: Eating at Disney World

A bit late, but here it is: the LAST installment of my summer Disney series. Once you’re there, you’re going to have to eat, right? This (like pretty much everything Disney) can be an overwhelming topic. I spent much time thinking about how to organize this post (maybe THAT’S why it’s a week late!) and have finally settled on the … Continue reading

Chalkboard Wall: The Illustrated Kitchen Wall

Are you ready for this? I’m about to BLOW.YOUR.MIND. There is this paint that you can buy that turns any surface in  your house into a CHALKBOARD.  True story. Okay. I suppose at this point talking about how overdone chalkboard walls are is pretty much as overdone as chalkboard walls themselves. But what about talking about talking about how overdone … Continue reading

Online Rug Shopping for Dummies

For someone who’s owned three houses, I’m a pretty inexperienced rug buyer. Our only rug at our last house was in our living room. It was a giant antique dark red oriental rug…all worn down flat and threadbare in some places, and I loved it lots. Then our dog Oliver got really old and started peeing on it, so we … Continue reading

Farmhouse Table: Easy, One Month Long Project

Update: Dave’s table building tutorial here That’s a joke up there. It shouldn’t really take you a month to make a farmhouse table. And, if you are not us, it probably won’t! It’s kitchen week here at Boxy Colonial. Or maybe kitchen fortnight. We’ve got a good bit going on in the kitchen, and I’m going to tell you all … Continue reading

Middle of the year check in on plans/goals list

Way back in December I posted a list of very, very tentative house related plans and goals for 2013. Now that just over half the year is gone, I thought it might be a good time to check in and see how things have progressed and how our priorities have shifted. So here’s what I said back then:1. Finish the nursery AND … Continue reading

Abe is Six Months Old!

In impossible to believe news, Abe is already six months old. Just a few months ago, he looked like this: Now he sits up all the time, he has TWO TEETH (which I did not manage to get a picture of today), and he’s busting out of that white t-shirt he’s been wearing since his newborn pictures. In fact, we … Continue reading

Imaginary Kitchen

I have been holding out on you guys. I know I’ve been all, “I bought a chair. Disney. Sharpie octopus.” ….after promising BIG SUMMER PROJECTS. Part of the reason for this is that summer always sort of becomes its own project. And, you know, you have to let summer do that, because it only happens once a year. But ALSO, … Continue reading

Summer Disney Series, Part 5: Save Some Money

Truth? A genuinely cheap Disney vacation is pretty near impossible to come by and getting harder by the day. I suppose you could camp at a state park somewhere near by, eat nothing but hot dogs cooked over your campfire, and then just go to Downtown Disney, let your kids play in the lego store, and tell them that IS Disney … Continue reading

If I Had a Million Dollars….(I Wouldn’t Need to Draw an Octopus on a High Chair)

Before I get into the details of customizing high chairs (spoiler alert! I drew an octopus on it!), a few thoughts on the Antilop, in all its modern plastic affordability. There is not any high chair, no matter how expensive, that really gets me excited. I get excited about totally out of budget baby clothes. I could spend a fortune … Continue reading