Summer Disney Series, Part 4: Disney World and the Big(gish) Family

I know that four kids is nothing compared to what some people have, but, for Disney purposes, anything other than your standard two adults and two kids means you have to do a little extra planning. Mostly when it comes to picking a hotel room. So I’ll focus primarily on that and then toss in a few extra thoughts about … Continue reading

Rainy Independence Day

We were supposed to see fireworks Wednesday AND Thursday nights. But then it rained. A lot. For forever. So we didn’t see any. We could hear them from our house, though. Which is, I suppose, something. Here was our alternate plan for a rainy 4th: 1. Make cookie cake2. Take pictures of baby in red, white, and blue outfit3. Have … Continue reading

Master Bedroom Progress: Cane Chair

The other day I woke up and nudged Dave and pointed to the corner and said, “do you remember what an awesome chair we have now?” My friend Kristi and I went to yard sales the other day (I keep talking about “my friend Kristi” here, and I also keep trying to get her to write a guest post. Like … Continue reading

Summer Disney Series, Part 3: Bringing Baby

(If you missed the first two parts of the big Disney series, you can read about when to go here and about staying on property vs. off here). Basically, I’m writing a series this summer with tips that folks planning their first (or first with kids) Disney trips might find useful. Before I get into tips on making traveling with … Continue reading