The Foyer Rug and Problems with Perspective

I have a history of ordering things online and expecting them to be much bigger than they actually are. One time I ordered a bunch of stuff for the kids for Christmas, thinking confidently that I had ordered them so much stuff; it was going to look like TEN Christmases when it got here. I wouldn’t need to buy another … Continue reading

Nursery Gallery Wall Additions and Overview

We made a couple of new additions to Abe’s gallery wall the other day. And I was thinking, too, that it came together so bit by bit that it might be good to do an overview of everything that’s up there now (although I am not declaring it finished. It might never end!) New things first: This is a patch … Continue reading

Ikea and the Boxy Colonial

This week I got together with those five other bloggers up there to do a whole house full of all Ikea mood boards. (You can see all the mood boards here). Today we’re continuing our Ikea-splosion by each doing a more general post about using Ikea in your house. Because, generally speaking, you don’t really fill a room ENTIRELY with … Continue reading

Ikea Dream Home + Blogger Style: All the Mood Boards

Yesterday I showed you my bathroom mood board. Today I give you…..ALL the boards. A house tour. It’s like going through one of those fake Ikea apartments, only bigger and you don’t have to leave your house, and you don’t have to go during the Superbowl to avoid the crowds. And everyone’s board is so great! I had so much … Continue reading

Ikea Dream Home + Blogger Style: Bathroom

When Katja at Shift Ctrl Art came up with the idea to get some bloggers together to make an Ikea dream house, I jumped at the chance to participate because imaginary shopping=fun and free! And because all those other guys up there are amazing, so being asked made me feel important and special.  The idea was for each of us … Continue reading

Little Things

We all know that I am perfectly capable of going on at great length about very small things. But sometimes we make changes around the house so minor that I can’t even justify a post about them. Unless I can think up a really good story to go with them. But these things are not like that. But there are … Continue reading

DIY Small Farmhouse Table Plans and Tutorial

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Dave is here to tell us how he made the farmhouse table. He has a lot to say and show about it. My finger hurts from editing all the pictures. Not even kidding. If you want to make a farmhouse table, you won’t find a tutorial more thorough than this one!  … Continue reading

Abe at Seven Months (plus Gus’ August pics)

Seven months! I think I’ve officially abandoned his white t-shirt AND using his nursery as the default photo shoot location. It was cloudy again, and it’s much easier to get decent light in the sunroom. His six month check-up happened after I did his six month post, so his stats from that, for posterity (because this is the closet thing … Continue reading

The World is Too Full of Rugs

I feel like I’m referencing a poem with that title, but, if I am, I don’t know which one it is. (a ha! I googled. I knew it sounded familiar! Wordsworth: THE world is too much with us; late and soon,Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:Little we see in Nature that is ours;We have given our hearts away, … Continue reading

A More or Less Free Mirror for the Foyer

We’re still kind of finding our groove with getting projects done now that Dave is back at work, so I just have a tiny one for you today. But free! Or, well, upcycled? That’s what you say, right? I did not leave my house for any of the materials used in this project, is what I’m getting at. Background: after … Continue reading