The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Cloth Diapering

Back before my now 12 year old, Ari, was born, I would tell people we were planning to use cloth diapers and encounter skepticism. “That won’t last!” older, more experienced parents would tell me. Naturally, I took this as a challenge. So, from the beginning, failure wasn’t an option. Admitting defeat is not something I’m good at. In light of … Continue reading

Foster Dog of the Week: Pumpkin

I don’t really expect my new foster almost every week streak to keep up, but so far they’ve all been in and out of here super fast. Which is great, since the sooner one foster gets adopted, the sooner I can get to work finding a home for the next one (and the lower the chances I’ll get so attached … Continue reading

This and That…..

Dave is still working on his massively detailed post on how to build a farmhouse table. And I have a small project to write about, but the weather is not cooperating for taking pictures. So here’s a catch up post with a bunch of little things that don’t need their own posts but that I want to tell everyone about … Continue reading

Rainy Chattanooga Trip

I know we’re probably all pretty nostalgic for my summer Disney series that I finished last week ;), so I thought I’d ease you back into the whole boring fall routine (I know it’s still firmly summer for a lot of you, but Dave went back to work last week, so it’s fall to us) with one more summer travel … Continue reading

Mini Kitchen Makeover: I Sort of Hate the Word Greige

  At some point over the past couple of weeks of doing this mini kitchen update (I’m hoping for a bigger kitchen update sometime soon, as discussed here) I realized that my kitchen could now be a museum exhibit from the future: “Typical Blogger’s House, c. 2013.” Granite countertops. Farmhouse table. Chalkboard Wall. And now….greige walls. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, … Continue reading