"The Raven" Halloween Vignette + Fun with Printables

I showed off my Halloween tree the other day, but today I bring you….the rest of the top of the buffet! I’ve been having fun switching out the stuff on top of the buffet seasonally…it’s such a big surface, and I never really knew what to do with it before; having permission to get all theme-y with it makes it … Continue reading

Planning Ahead Pays Off in the Form of Forest Themed Thanksgiving Dinnerware

*Thanks to everyone who entered the coupons.com giveaway for a Home Depot or Amazon gift card. The winner is……The Cape on the Corner! congratulations, and check your e-mail if you haven’t already 🙂 Every year, for the past several years, we’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Dave’s extended family (his parents and aunt and uncle, specifically). And last year, what with … Continue reading

Halloween Tree with a Tiny Banner

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my mini kitchen makeover that included all sorts of blog standards like a chalkboard wall, a farmhouse table, and Revere Pewter walls? Well. I decided to keep it up by doing a craft project involving a banner AND book pages! And I can totally see why everyone wants to make tiny … Continue reading

Abe at Eight Months

Abe turned eight months old on Tuesday. Tuesdays are the days we run around like mad all day, and, of course, it was cloudy…I almost bagged the whole thing and waited for Wednesday, but I decided to take a few minutes Tuesday evening and see what I could get. And then I took a few more Wednesday (when it was … Continue reading

The Ikea Sundvik Crib Eight Months Later: A Bit of Babyproofing

Abe’s crib is the Sundvik crib from Ikea. As I’ve mentioned before, this selection was motivated primarily by price. The crib is $119, and I like the way it looks just fine. It has clean simple lines that fit in well with the nursery. It’s not flashy or exciting, but it does its job without drawing attention to itself. I … Continue reading

Blogger Fall Project Extravaganza: DIY Planter Boxes + a Giveaway with Coupons.com

Coupons.com provided us with a Home Depot gift card to pay for the materials we used for this project.  I was very excited when I got the chance to participate in this fall project collaboration, in large part because it came with a deadline, and me and deadlines get along very well. Me and “finish it whenever you get a … Continue reading

More About the Library

So yesterday I left off by saying I couldn’t yet tell you about my potential future plans for the library because I had to go watch Doctor Who (I didn’t mention that it was Doctor Who. It was). Today I’ve decided to do something extraordinary and actually write the future post I promised. Oh, first off: I realized I forgot … Continue reading

The Library Gets a Loveseat, or: Perspective Rears its Ugly Head Again

It’s been nearly a year since we bought a bunch of Billy shelves for the library. We’re still very happy with the shelves, but the armchair in there was always just a placeholder until we could get something nicer. We picked up the chair for $40 on Craigslist, and I think we’ve gotten $40 worth of use out of it. … Continue reading

Amazing Back Porch Reveal

I have an incredible before and after to show you today. Ready? I’ll start with the after: No, really: that’s the after. “But,” you might be thinking, “that’s a crappy screened porch with a plywood floor and a patio set that needs painting. Also, your fan is ugly.”  That’s right! That’s what it is. And I love it SO much … Continue reading

Stone Mountain Field Trip

Ari’s taking a Georgia history class this year at our local homeschool center, and the class includes lots and lots of field trips (to which parents and siblings are invited). He’s actually off on one right now, but the rest of us are having to miss that one owing to some snotty miserableness in certain small members of our family. … Continue reading