MORE Pumpkin stuff: Pumpkin patch + pumpkin carving. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

I had this idea that I was going to do one more grand Halloween post and be done with it. But then I started thinking about all that said post would entail, and it sounded really….long. So today you get the last of the pumpkins–specifically our trip to the pumpkin patch plus the big pumpkin carving–and then this weekend I’ll … Continue reading

The Last Master Bathroom Post Before We Actually Start Doing Stuff in There: Inspiration, etc.

At some point last week I started feeling a little frantic about my bathroom, because, while I had some big sweeping ideas about what we need to do in there, generally speaking, I didn’t really have a vision of it all coming together. I’m getting closer now. I’ve been pinning a lot, and here are some themes that have emerged: 1. … Continue reading

A Shiny New Plumage Cabinet to Corral Abe’s Toys

I know most of you probably started hitting refresh over and over at 6:58 this morning, waiting on this post, since I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays. What? What’s that you say? You’ve never noticed that I usually have a post up at 7 on Wednesdays? Well. Anyway. The REASON I didn’t have a post up … Continue reading

Abe at Nine Months

  Abe turned nine months old on the 17th, and Dave turned 38. Birthday buddies! I’m terribly behind on doing big kid pictures….taking just the baby pictures has gotten sort of exhausting now that Abe’s so mobile–so this month I didn’t even try, but I got DAVE pictures (with Abe) instead. Next month I’ll give all four of them a … Continue reading

The Master Bathroom: Time to Get Real

I’ve been talking about how we really, really need to do something about our master bathroom….well, since before we moved in to the house. But it’s kind of a daunting task, so we’ve always found some excuse to put if off a little longer. Also, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a full fledged room reveal with exciting before and … Continue reading

Pumpkin Parade Features + Chalkboard Baby Gate

We had almost a hundred great projects linked up to the Pumpkin Parade last week! Thanks so much to everyone who shared their projects! Since this was my very first time co-hosting a link party, it was also my first time getting to pick features. Which was fun, but also a lot of responsibility. What if I picked the wrong features?! … Continue reading

A bear and a hare have been to the fair…..

I love Sandra Boynton. “But Not the Hippopotamus” is kind of a tragic book, though. Imagine if you could really only do things your name rhymed with. None of our names rhyme with fair, but we went anyway! We haven’t been to the fair with the kids since we’ve lived here. In fact, I can only remember ever having been … Continue reading

Pumpkin Parade Link Party

All week we’ve been bombarding you with our own pumpkin projects….all twelve of them:   Shift Ctrl Art/ Primitive & Proper/ Decor and the Dog A Little Bite of Everything/ Cuckoo 4 Design/ Newly Woodwards Boxy Colonial/ A Swell Place to Dwell/ Wills Casa Bliss at Home/ Go Haus Go/ Interiors by Kenz Now it’s your turn! You can link … Continue reading

Pumpkin Parade: Sharpie Pumpkins

  Given the finished project that I just showed you here, you might be a little surprised by my inspiration, which is a giant pumpkin painted black. Yeah, they don’t look much alike. I really liked the idea of one big pumpkin sitting on a chair, but I wanted to do a big white one instead of black. Mostly because … Continue reading

Welcome to My Brand New Blog!

Only a couple of months past our original self-imposed deadline, here it is! I’m hoping the design is a little nicer and that things are a little more organized and easier to navigate now. Please let me know if anything’s acting weird from your end! And please update your….whatever you use to follow the blog so that you’ll keep seeing … Continue reading