DIY Dinosaur Advent Calendar: DINO-ADVENT! tutorial

  Click here to see how I later turned these dinosaurs into ornaments! Hope everyone (in the US)’s Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had and still have lots of family visiting, so we’re keeping busy. But I did have time to get both this project and this post done before December! When you tell people that you’re making a dinosaur Advent … Continue reading

Advent calendar activities for older kids

(I got that cool reindeer image from The Graphics Fairy) I am just finishing up this year’s Advent calendar, and I hope to post about it….well, before December 1, anyway, which is better than last year, at least! We’re doing an activity a day just like we did last year, so I thought I’d post this year’s list. Using lessons … Continue reading

Gold Dotted Glasses and Holiday Table: 2013 Edition

  Linking up with the Dare to DIY-Dare to Entertain party! I meant to get this post up last week, so it would be a little more…in time for Thanksgiving. I did not, as you see, succeed, but since my Thanksgiving decorations all seem to veer off into Christmasy territory anyway, I’m just calling this a holiday table and pretending … Continue reading

Abe at Ten Months + Christmas Photo Outtakes

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one counting, but this is my fourth post in as many days. Yep. I’m pretty amazing. I was about to say I’ll have another one tomorrow, but my in-laws are coming into town tomorrow evening, so I’ll probably be madly cleaning instead of writing a post. Okay, so Abe is ten months old now, … Continue reading

Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece with Gold Pinecones

  Linking up with the Dare to DIY-Dare to Entertain party! Every once in awhile a remarkable thing happens: I have this idea in my head of how I want something to turn out, only I don’t really know how to make it happen. So I just completely make it up as I go along, and….it works. Usually, of course, … Continue reading

This and That…..and Introducing Our Newest Family Member

In an unusual turn of events in these days of the sleepless, mobile baby, I have SO MUCH to post about this week that I’m going to toss in a rare Tuesday post….a round-up of a couple of things that don’t need their own post and one that could carry one but doesn’t get to because there’s so much going … Continue reading

So Many Parties: Inspiration and Ideas

Do you know one of the problems with having four kids? They tend to have four birthdays, too. Ari and Milo both have close together early summer birthdays, and Gus and Abe both have winter birthdays….all crammed in together with Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Gus is early December, and Abe is the middle of January, so I’m not … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Vignette

It’s time for my favorite link party of the year! Linking up with the Dare to DIY Be Thankful Link Party at Primitive & Proper. Honestly, I would probably skip Thanksgiving decorating and move right on to Christmas, except that Thanksgiving is when we actually have people visiting, so it seems a waste not to decorate for it. Plus Dave … Continue reading

Removing the Shower Door: Breaking Ground in the Master Bathroom

Post contains affiliate links; if you buy something after clicking my link, I┬áreceive a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! When I was a kid, I lived in an A-frame house that my Dad had built, and the whole front of it was glass, with huge sliding glass doors. Someday I’ll find a … Continue reading

39 Dollar Glasses Review, or: Where NOT to Buy Cheap Glasses

Update: See my review of Zenni Optical, my next attempt at cheap glasses ordering, here The title might be kind of a spoiler here. Let me say first that I am not an especially difficult to please consumer. I never send food back at restaurants. I’m terrible at haggling over prices at garage sales. And, in my 14 months of … Continue reading