2013 in Review: Checking the Goal List

Last year right about this time I wrote out a list of plans/goals for 2013, and now the day of reckoning has come! I wrote a post back in July to check in on our progress….and, looking back at that, it seems that the first half of the year was more productive than the last. It’s kind of startling how … Continue reading

2013 in Review: Five Favorite Projects

2013 was a busy year for us in a lot of ways. Like we had that baby. And we made a fair bit of progress on this house. Without the first thing we could have done even better on the second thing, but we love him anyway. Since the blog changed URLs part way through the year, it would be … Continue reading

2013 in Review: Some Favorite Posts Elsewhere

I’ve got a couple of looking back at 2013 posts coming up that will be all about me, me, ME! But before that, I wanted to post about a few of my favorite posts/projects from other bloggers over the past year. I kept it to five as an exercise in self restraint. I could, of course, have gone on and … Continue reading

The Christmas Recap Post

Christmas was lovely. We’re very lucky to have so many people–family and friends–to celebrate with (although we also wish Dave’s parents and sister/family were closer, because we’re greedy and we need MORE people to hang out with). I just went back and looked at last year’s day after Christmas post, and it was about making curtains for the nursery. Wow. … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

  Off to do family stuff for the next couple of days, so here’s our card that we ordered from Shutterfly as promised. Only not really, because I couldn’t figure out how to get just the image from Shutterfly without including a Shutterfly commercial with it. So I put the words on the picture all by myself instead. Which makes … Continue reading

String Art Heart Ornament: Last Second Christmas Post

  One last Christmas project! I made this for a friend who collects heart ornaments. I couldn’t post about before today because I hadn’t given it to her yet. Also because I hadn’t finished making it. The other day I pinned these adorable state shape string art ornaments from Done is Better than Perfect.     ….and that’s what got … Continue reading

Abe at 11 Months

Usually when I write these posts, I think, “OMG–he’s getting SO big! He’s changed so much!” This month I’m just thinking, “wow. It seems like I was taking his 10 month pictures yesterday. He’s more mobile, more verbal, more into everything this month than last, but there haven’t been any big milestones of note that I can think of. Or … Continue reading

A Couple of Quick Things

1. Big day for my little blog yesterday, as Abe’s toy cabinet was featured on Apartment Therapy. Seeing that a bunch of new people were looking at my house tour page reminded me that….I really need to update my house tour page. So, if you are here from Apartment Therapy (yay!)….my house tour page is not so updated. If you … Continue reading

August’s Doctor Who Party and Projector Thoughts

Awhile back I posted about Gus’ birthday party and my plans for it, and in that post I included all sorts of amazing inspiration pictures, and Gus’ party was going to be┬ájust like those. Well. Anyway, Gus had a lot of fun. First off, it was supposed to be an outside Doctor Who viewing party. Only the weather forecast called … Continue reading

How to Make Giant Paper Snowflakes: Step by Step Photo Tutorial

Funny thing: my post for last year’s Dare to Deck the Halls? Also giant snowflakes. But! Last year I was too timid to write my own tutorial, so I found one on another blog and linked to it. Really, there are a gazillion tutorials on making these snowflakes; the world probably does not need another one. But, uhh, I’m writing … Continue reading