The House with TWO Christmas Trees

I was planning to call this post, “A Tale of Two Christmas Trees,” but then Amber over at Wills Casa just wrote a post called “A Tale of Two Carraras,” so I thought I’d better go in a different direction. I ended up with a much more obscure literary reference. Anyone read The House Without a Christmas Tree? (that’s an affiliate link, … Continue reading

A Gray Front Door, Boxwoods for the Raven Planters, and the World’s Easiest, Cheapest Wreath

That’s right: in a less hectic month I would manage to split this into three separate posts and perhaps try to tie in an elaborate story about some party I went to once in college….but it’s December, so you get this three for the price of one post instead. (Incidentally it’s kind of KILLING me how I keep running out … Continue reading

Older Baby/Younger Toddler Gift Ideas

Babies are very easy to shop for relative to older kids, yet I’ve put off buying stuff for Abe the longest. I’m more or less finished with the older kids, and it was surprisingly easy this year (umm, partly because they all agreed on sharing a Wii U for their big gift, so they’re not getting a whole lot else). … Continue reading

Ikea Lappljung Rug: An Ikea Trip in Two Parts

Who’s ready for a post that’s not about Christmas?! If you’re like me, there’s not much that’s not about Christmas going on in your actual life right now, so it’s kind of a relief to read about something else on a blog at least. I usually blog pretty much in real time….we finish a project, and then blog about it … Continue reading

Cone Christmas Trees from Vintage Wrapping Paper (to go with your glittery dinosaurs)

  Last year, around this time, I reported that I have in my possession this stash of vintage wrapping paper that I bought at a yard sale many years ago and have been hauling from house to house ever since. I never wanted to use it just for wrapping presents, so I decided to use it for….keeping in a box in … Continue reading