DIY Vintage Fisher Price Nursery Art: Abe’s New Room Has So Many Walls

  Remember that time when I talked about how much Abe loves his Fisher Price Discovery Cottage and assured you all that Fisher Price was not compensating me for the shout out via a time portal from 1985? Yeah, well, I don’t think you’re ever going to believe me after this post. See, what happened was that I realized Abe’s … Continue reading

Updating the House Tour: Sunroom

One of my big blog-related goals for the this year is to have a really nice, updated house tour page for people to visit. The one that’s there now is….not nice or updated. To this end, I have a few things in the works. Dave is hard at work on a clickable floor plan, and I’m hoping that we’ll be … Continue reading

Montessori-inspired DIY Toy Shelf for Abe

Little known fact about me: I went to a Montessori school from the time I was two until I was four. I don’t remember much about it; I remember that we weren’t allowed to talk about things that weren’t real, like Superman, inside the building; we had to wait until recess. And one time I wanted to sing a Christmas … Continue reading

Home Decorators’ Tollan Rug: A Tiny Master Bath Update

We’re mostly still working on Abe’s new room this week, but I also have a couple of small bathroom updates to share. My small bathroom updates have me itching to make some more progress in there and start seeing things come together. So fingers crossed for a another snow week so Dave will be home to help! Just kidding. I … Continue reading

Abe at 13 Months

I’m going to keep doing monthly photos of Abe this year, since babies change nearly as much from one to two as from birth to one, it seems. But I’ve got another photo project going on this year, too (more on that in a couple of weeks), so I’ll keep it a little more laid back than in his first … Continue reading

Ikea Ribba Book Ledges for Abe’s New Nursery

I mentioned the other day that more storage for books and toys was a priority in the big move to the new nursery. I wasn’t lying, because just look what we did first thing after painting: we made a whole wall of books for Abe! This isn’t the most original project in the world. Shelves where the books face out … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to the Old Nursery, and an Ice Storm

I feel like we could probably get a lot more done around here if Dave kept having every other week off of school because of bad weather. He was already supposed to have this Friday and Monday off for Presidents Day, but now he’s been home since Tuesday because of our big ice storm. So we’ve made some unexpected progress … Continue reading

The Case of the Missing Coat Closet

This is not a post I was planning to write this week, but, since I found out about it, it’s the only thing I can think about it, so I should probably share. A house just went up for sale in our neighborhood a few days ago. This is noteworthy (to us) in and of itself because it’s a very … Continue reading

Ikea Sanela Curtains for the Sunroom and SUPER-KEA Sunday

  There’s a lot of unintentional alliteration in my title right there. Uncrowded periods at Ikea are just about as elusive and valuable as at Disney World. Last year I hit upon the idea of giving Superbowl evening a try and met with great, uncrowded success. So this year we decided to go ahead and call it an annual tradition. … Continue reading

January in Review

  I’ve never done a monthly round up kind of post before, but I thought maybe I would this year, because making collages like that one up there is fun and satisfying. It makes me feel like we were SO PRODUCTIVE! I can come up with ¬†twelve tiny pictures to post! We MUST have been productive! Also, it helps me … Continue reading