Abe Lincoln Birthday Party Part 2: Stovepipe Hat Photobooth

As I mentioned in my part one post, our main objective with Abe’s first birthday party was to get together with a few close friends and family and get a cute picture of Abe with frosting smeared all over his face. But I thought it would be also be adorable to take pictures of all the kids in a stovepipe … Continue reading

Master Bath Tile Revealed at Last! and lessons learned from our first time tiling

Linking this post up with the Be Bold Challenge link party. I’d hoped to have a brand new bathroom project finished in time for it, but then I didn’t. But then I reflected and decided that tiling without a clue what we were doing was pretty damn bold of us. So. True to my word, I will not be making … Continue reading

Abe Lincoln Birthday Party, Part 1: Cupcakes!

  We finally had Abe’s repeatedly delayed first birthday party on Friday! Just a few close friends and family came over for presents and cupcakes. And, really, let’s be honest: getting this picture is what first birthday parties are all about, right? Never having been presented with an entire cupcake all his own before, Abe started out by delicately licking … Continue reading