A few things plus a Cardstore.com review

We have family in town this week, so I might be a little scarce….or at least actual projects getting done might be a little scarce. But next week is Dave’s spring break, and we have big, ginormous plans! GINORMOUS! One of the plans is 16 by 16 feet, for example. And the other one is five feet tall. Teasers. But … Continue reading

Bird and Octopus and Dog Themed Master Bedroom Tour

I’m just kidding. With that title. I did not really set out to make a bird and octopus and dog themed bedroom, but it turns out, I realized, that there are multiple birds, octopuses, and dogs in there, and I needed a title. Before that, I was stuck on “master bedroom tour” for a title, and who would read a … Continue reading

There are many things in the world, and you are one of them: National Poetry Month Approaches

  Did you know April is National Poetry Month? I knew there was a National Poetry Month, but I had to look it up to be sure of when it was. And, lucky for me (because I was going to write this post one way or another), it’s coming right up! I know what you’re thinking. You barely got over Christmas … Continue reading

Shaking Things Up in the Dining Room

  I’ve long found our dining room pleasant, but not especially exciting. My mom generously gave us the table and chairs AND the buffet as housewarming presents (she has a shop, so she can do these things more readily than many moms can). I went through a period where I wanted to paint the buffet, but I was forbidden from … Continue reading

Guest Post at Number Fifty-three

Because I am in the middle of some kind of lucky streak lately (I need to go out and by some lottery tickets immediately, before it wears off), I was asked to a guest post on yet another of my very favorite blogs this week. I’m over at Number Fifty-three as part of Angela’s “Inspiring Bloggers” series. I don’t always … Continue reading

Abe at 14 Months

  My favorite pictures are always the ones where he looks so serious! He’s really a very happy baby most of the time. But he’s stiller when he’s not smiling.   Big, huge month for Abe! Here’s why:   He started walking about two weeks ago, and he’s very proud of himself. It’s really fun to learn to walk when … Continue reading

Abe’s New Room: The Big Reveal

It’s not that big of a reveal, since I’ve already unveiled most of the changes and projects in here. But maybe you can just pretend to be surprised. Abe’s original nursery was in a sectioned off part of our bedroom. It looked like this: To celebrate Abe becoming a toddler, we moved him down the hall to his own room, our … Continue reading

Two fun things

Well, three. Because it’s Friday, and that’s always fun. But also! I’m guest posting over at Cuckoo 4 Design today as part of her Living Pretty With Your Pets series, talking about our pets and about fostering dogs:   Julia has an amazing blog and an amazing home, and I just love this series she’s doing. I look forward to … Continue reading

Check Out the New House Tour Page!

Up at the top there, where it says “tour.” We’ve been meaning to get this done….umm, since I started the blog? But, anyway, now it’s done! Well, not exactly, since the updated house tour photos are still a work in progress. But what I DO have today is a clickable floor plan (Dave did all of this, using floorplanner.com) and … Continue reading

The Shortest Vacation Ever: Providence Canyon

This post was supposed to be all about the two day trip we took to the middle of the state to see all sorts of historical stuff as part of the overnight field trip for Ari’s Georgia history class. Instead, we were gone for less than 24 hours, and I only have one exciting tourist destination to show you. Ari … Continue reading