Updating the House Tour: Foyer (and a new rug!)

  I decided to go with the foyer for the next part of the house tour to get updated because 1. it’s small and easy to clean to get it ready and 2. it has a new rug! with birds on it! Let’s start there.   I’ve had my eye on this rug from Urban Outfitters for months now, but … Continue reading


  I really like collections of things. You have to be careful with collections, because sometimes when you’re in tenth grade you tell people that you collect, say, cows, and then that’s all you get for every birthday and holiday for years is cow stuff. And sometimes you collect things by accident, like laundry and dog fur. But sometimes you … Continue reading

February in Review

  All these snow days this winter have been very good for our productivity, I must say. I can’t remember anymore how we managed to get things done with these crazy FIVE day weeks and only two day weekends. Which is really too bad, because winter has to end sometime. Expect about three pictures in this space next month! It … Continue reading

Once a Week Portraits

Anu over at Nalle’s HouseĀ is doing a weekly portrait of her kids project. I thought this was a lovely idea, so I stole it. Or, well, I’m going to try to do it, too. There’s an actual weekly link-up where a whole bunch of people post their pictures here at Practising Simplicity, but I don’t know that I’m going to … Continue reading

Hallway Office and Print Station: Making Use of “The Loft”

  So there’s this other house for sale in our neighborhood that appears to be our house’s twin (the one with the coat closet where we have a mysterious and inaccessible empty box). One sort of hilarious thing about the house listing is that it refers to the wide upstairs hallway as a “loft.” Naturally, when we learned that we … Continue reading