The Big House List, Part 3: Outside

We had a very busy weekend around here. Gus had the last three performances of his latest play, Schoolhouse Rock:   (he’s the one on the left, in the green bandana) Dave took his school’s math team to the state tournament….an all day affair two hours away. Go Bears! Only around 40 teams statewide get invited to the state tournament, … Continue reading

Atlanta with Kids: Fun with Cousins, Part 3 (or, More TERROR in the Sky)

  Check out part 1, about Fernbank Museum of Natural History here, and part 2, about Stone Mountain, here Now for the last installment in the recap of stuff we did while the cousins were here! I’m not sure how it worked out that we so much of this visit doing things so terrifyingly high up, and I’m not sure … Continue reading

Vintage Book Page Banner: No Amusing Old Books Left Behind!

  Awhile back I came across this book at the thrift store:   I had to bring it home because I’m a sucker for old books with charming illustrations, especially ones that are unintentionally hilarious. I think it was even half price book day. I considered using it for Ari’s eighth grade science curriculum for next year, but then I … Continue reading

Abe at 15 Months

  I almost forgot to take pictures yesterday when Abe turned 15 months! I guess he really is growing up if I can (almost) forget his 15 month birthday. Soon I’ll have to just tell people “a year and a half” when they ask how old he is, because people on the internet make fun of you if you talk … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

1. You can find the Boxy Colonial over at Primitive and Proper today as part of Cassie’s series of eclectic home tours. I know that I keep doing these guest posts and then telling you that they’re one of my favorite blogs….but this time I mean it! Kidding! I mean it every time I say it, but, for real, LOVE … Continue reading

Atlanta with Kids: Fun with Cousins, Part 2

  I’ve talked about Stone Mountain, our local giant hunk of exposed granite, before, when we went on a field trip there for Ari’s Georgia history class. But this trip was completely different, because we actually went up on top of the mountain. We planned to also do a bunch of other stuff there, like the ropes course thing and … Continue reading

DIY Swing Set, Part 1: What We Did for Spring Break

      Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! By this point in my life, I should probably have long since stopped being surprised every single time that projects go much faster in my head than they do in real life. I was pretty sure I was going to have a completely finished swing set to show … Continue reading

The OTHER Half of the Master Bedroom

Back when I was taking a million pictures of the finished half of our master bedroom, I also snapped a couple of what the other half of it (i.e. the part that was Abe’s nursery until very recently) looks like right now. But then I think I deleted those by accident. Sorry. Basically, you need to picture Abe’s old nursery: … Continue reading

Atlanta with Kids: Fun with the Cousins, Part 1

  We had a lovely visit last week with Dave’s mom, sister, brother-in-law, and their kids, Benjamin and Louis. Now we miss them, and we wish they lived closer. Move closer, cousins! Even though we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like (they live in California), the kids always pick right back up and have a great … Continue reading

Dining room chair fabric: chosen and ordered!

We’re about to go ride a big ferris wheel with the cousins, but I’m popping in right quick first to reveal my fabric pick for our new dining room chairs. It is, umm….none of the ones I asked everyone to vote on awhile back. I was not being purposely deceptive; I really¬†thought I was going to pick one of those…but … Continue reading