May in Review

thumbnails from May posts

In case you missed anything….. Looks like this was a big month for shopping and then posting about stuff I bought. Also a very kid intensive month (somehow, it feels like all my months are kid intensive, really….) We finally turned our Ikea Numerar scraps into a cutting board. I talked about feeding toddlers and my kids’ love of kefir. … Continue reading

DIY Swing Set Part 2: How we made the rock climbing wall and attached the ramp

I guess this is actually kind of part 3, if you count Abe’s play kitchen. But the play kitchen is, of course, optional. Whereas a rock climbing wall is mandatory. Or, well, at least some way or other to get up into the tower is. We have two ways! Three if you count climbing the slide. When I wrote the … Continue reading

New Red Beds and Our Homeright Paint Sprayer Experience

Kids’ new beds: painted! If you read a lot of blogs, you’ve probably seen Homeright paint spraying paraphernalia here and there because Homeright works with bloggers quite a bit. We did not get our paint sprayer for free. Not because we’re above all that (and, of course, I am so pure and noble and honest that I would not lie … Continue reading

Updating Milo and August’s Forest Room

I promised embarrassing pictures of mess, and I wasn’t lying! I’m going to post a less embarrassing picture of how the kids’ room looked back before we started messing around with it first, though. This is back before we made their lego table and before we hung up their Ikea Ekorre chairs, but aside from that (and extra mess) things … Continue reading

Kid Clothes Organization: The Most Important Part is that I Can’t See Them (the clothes, not the kids)

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! It rained most of the weekend, which thwarted all of our project plans around here except the one I was looking forward to the least: organizing Milo and Gus’ closet. Sigh. We’re doing a mini revamp of Milo and Gus’ room (more on that later), and, as a part of that, … Continue reading

Abe’s Backyard Play Kitchen

 I love Abe’s new play kitchen. I’ll just come right out with that. I am utterly charmed by it. I might redo my own kitchen as a grown-up version of it, complete with a mulch floor and non-functional plywood stove burners. I’m also excited that it was such a cheap, recycling-heavy project. Especially since I’m sort of shocked about how … Continue reading

A New Blanket, a New Dishwasher, and the World’s Prettiest Wooden Bowl

I’ve got a motley collection of things that don’t get their own posts today. 1. New blanket! If you’ve ever read the comments section on Apartment Therapy (or, umm, anywhere on the internet), you’ve probably noticed that being incredibly kind and giving is not everyone’s top priority when making comments. I’ve usually gotten off fairly easy over there, though, and … Continue reading