Another Edition of Thrift Finds

I like to do these every now and then because we haven’t gotten any projects finished around here I like to see what other people find out thrifting, and it seems likely I’m not the only one who’s like that. This round-up is special because it’s mostly stuff other people found for me. One of the few things as exciting … Continue reading

Blue and Gold Star: This Year’s Quick 4th of July Project

Historically, I’m not the best at either decorating for the 4th of July or putting stuff on my front door to make it look all pretty and seasonally appropriate. So with this project I tried to fix both of those things, with mixed results. Last year’s sole 4th of July project was these pinwheels. This year I pulled out a … Continue reading

Abe at Seventeen Months

Look at that crazy toddler! He looks all calm and charming in that picture, but what’s going on is that the camera is the only thing that can make him appear still. I’m not sure if Abe is more nuts than my other toddlers or if I just blocked those memories. Probably the latter. I suspect he’s pretty normal, but … Continue reading

Redecorating the Blog

So things are looking different around here today! What happened was I mentioned that I needed to make a business card before Haven, the blogging conference I’m going to later in the summer, and my wonderful blogging friend, Katja, from Shift Ctrl Art said she could help me out, and the next thing I knew she’d not only designed a … Continue reading

DIY Swing Set, Part 3: The Swing Set has SWINGS!

This is the post where Dave tells you how we attached the actual swinging part of our swing set. Let’s be honest: if you have no immediate plans to build your own swing set (or maybe just an unusually strong interest in swing set construction), you’re not going to read this whole thing. So please feel free to scroll through … Continue reading

(Another) Big Wooden Whale

front view of finished whale

I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t she just post about making a big wooden whale like eighteen months ago? Damn. Get some new ideas, lady!” And, frankly, I think you’re being a little hard on me. There are many differences between this whale and that whale: That whale’s tail does not flip up. That whale is stained dark walnut; the … Continue reading