Thrift Score Thursday: Halloween Edition

I’m very excited to be one of the guest hosts for this year’s Halloween Edition of Thrift Score Thursday. I love Thrift Score Thursday AND I love Halloween, so this is pretty much the best thing that could have happened to me. If you’re not familiar with regular Thrift Store Thursday, the idea is that all week people share their … Continue reading

Gearing Up for Den Changes!

I just sat down to write this post and realized it felt oddly familiar. Turns out that’s because I wrote a very similar post about how, no REALLY, we were going to be doing stuff with the den….back in February. But! We didn’t do any of those things, and now I want to do completely different things! Or, more precisely, … Continue reading

Pumpkin Festival and Camping at Stone Mountain Park

I have a guest post up at Six Suitcase Travel right now; it’s a three day itinerary for Chattanooga. Check it out if you get a chance! When white settlers first started visiting Stone Mountain, the giant mass of granite that rises 800 feet above the surrounding landscape, just a few miles east of Atlanta, they found its top encircled … Continue reading

Abe’s National Parks Room: New Bedding and Throw Pillow Choices

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I was at Target the other day buying exciting things like groceries and socks, and I had no intention whatsoever of buying bedding for Abe’s room….but then I did anyway. I think I mentioned in passing awhile back that I’ve been searching high and low for reasonably priced black and white … Continue reading

Camp-O-Ween! Haunted Woods/Camping Halloween Display

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I hinted at this on Instagram quite awhile ago, but this year’s Halloween theme is….Haunted Camping! You know, because of the new trailer and all. I was actually planning to use a vintage toy camping set I found at the thrift store, but it turned out the tent from that was … Continue reading

Shopping Spree

You certainly wouldn’t be able to guess this by looking in my overstuffed basement or garage, but I often go a remarkably long time without buying anything that doesn’t come from a thrift store (I mean, except, like, food and gas and electricity. You know what I mean!) But this week, I bought SO MANY THINGS. Like two. Well, more … Continue reading