Five Favorite Projects from 2015

I went back and looked at last year’s analogous post, and I did ten projects for that one. Well. 2015 was the year of quality over quantity. Let’s just say. It was a hectic year for non-house stuff for sure, but we did get some biggish projects finished that I’m proud of. In no particular order: Our Master Bathroom:   … Continue reading

Christmas 2015 Recap

I’m easing back from my Christmas blogging break with a quick, photo-intensive recap of our Christmas. We were excited to have Dave’s parents, aka Nana and Grandpa, here for the first Christmas in recent memory (they usually spend Thanksgiving with us instead, but couldn’t make it then this year, owing to those crutches you see in this picture): I was … Continue reading

A Big Announcement, a Small Announcement, and a Little More Christmas

The Big Announcement: I started a new blog! Katja, from ShiftCtrlArt, who designed my header that you see up top here, put some wheels on my house for me. Because our trailer is boxy, too! If we ever buy an Airstream, I guess I’ll have to change it:   I mean, in addition to this one, not in place of … Continue reading

DIY Christmas Crackers: Simple Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar

You might have noticed that it’s already halfway through December, and you might be thinking that halfway through December is kind of a funny time to post Advent calendar ideas. See, here’s what happened: MONTHS ago, I had this brilliant idea to make 24 Christmas crackers and have the kids do one each day for their Advent calendar this year. … Continue reading

Photo Book Making Tips for Disorganized People Who Take Too Many Pictures

I thought maybe that title was a little too specific, but then I thought about people I know, and I decided it probably applies to an awful lot of people. I’ve been making photo books as Christmas gifts for my parents and Dave’s parents for years and years now. And, a few years ago, it occurred to me to actually … Continue reading

A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour 2015

It’s here! It’s here! The day that forces me to actually get my Christmas decorating done in a timely manner so that it’s not hanging over my head until the middle of December! It’s Christmas house tour day! Specifically, I’m taking part in the Very Merry Christmas Home Tour with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers, hosted by Carrie over … Continue reading

Book Page Folded Paper Christmas Trees

Hey, it’s Christmas house tour week all over blogland! Or so I’ve gathered. I’m participating in the Very Merry Christmas Home Tour, hosted by Lovely, Etc., and my tour will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a small teaser, and a super simple Christmas craft. I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago about how I found this … Continue reading