Eclectic Gallery Wall, Heavy on the Vintage: A Den Update

It’s Wednesday already! How did this happen?! The weekend kind of got away from me…probably because of all the SNOW! I know the mid-Atlantic part of Jonas got most of the attention last weekend, but just look what happened here in Georgia: Look at all that snow! Can you even believe it?! Okay, there wasn’t much snow here. But we … Continue reading

Storage Ottomans for the Den and Plans for MORE Storage

I mentioned the new ottomans we bought for the den when I showed you the new color last week, but now I’m back to dedicate an entire to post to them + the search for storage solutions for the den in general. When we bought the Karlstad sectional, we had to assemble it in a slightly unorthodox way in order … Continue reading

A Blue’s Clues Party in a Post-Blue’s Clues World, or: Abe is THREE!

Back to the den next, but I wanted to take a minute (or, you know, 1000 words and a million pictures, whichever comes first), to talk about the crazy thing that happened here over the weekend: my BABY turned THREE! You’re probably having a hard time believing this, because he was just born about a week ago and because he’s … Continue reading

Our Hale Navy Walls and Matching Fireplace and Trim

Why, hello there, den! You’re looking so much less neglected these days! I’ve written approximately 14 posts detailing all our big plans for this room, each one completely different from the last. But I think we should probably just pretend the first 13 didn’t happen, and that it all started with my post back in October, because three months is … Continue reading

DIY No-sew Canvas Play Tent: Abe’s National Parks Room

post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! You know, I don’t think I ever put it together before that we’ll be finishing Abe’s National Parks room (knock wood) the same year as the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We’re real good at planning that way. Back when I put together the mood board for Abe’s room, … Continue reading

House Goals for 2016

One more of these out with the old year in with the new kinds of posts and then I can start showing you what we’ve been doing over the break! Exciting! In 2014 we did a list of 14 goals. Last year we did…less than that. And I think that works best for us, so I’m sticking with just a … Continue reading

Looking Back at 2015’s Goal List

Almost exactly one year ago, I posted a list of a few house-related goals for 2015. And then I did a mid year check in back in the summer. And now I’m here to do the final analysis of how successful we were in knocking things off the list….and I have to say, it’s going to look a lot like … Continue reading