The Small Hallway: Plans for a Quick Makeover, Fretting over Paint Color Edition

See my ambitious title up there? This is going to be a quick makeover. It’s a small hallway, after all. And then once we finish the hallway, we’ll be so close to the bathroom that we might as well just keep going into it, too! And then the whole downstairs will be….better than it was when we moved in! But … Continue reading

Doggifying the Library

I accidentally took last week off from blogging, but I’ve been doing crazy things like buying paint samples and hanging pictures over the weekend, getting ready to bring you TWO exciting posts this week! It’s been a couple of months now since we hung up our sheet music holding Ikea Trones shelves in the library, and they’re working great as … Continue reading

Superkea Sunday 2016!

Last Sunday marked our fourth annual Superkea Sunday: the day our family goes shopping while a lot of other people are watching a big sportsball game. Superkea Sunday is a magical time at Ikea, a time when one can take photos like this, with NO PEOPLE in them: Also, you can take a new picture of your kids sitting on … Continue reading

Another Edition of “If We Knew Then What We Know Now….”

I did one of these posts awhile back: reflecting on some of the projects we’ve done and house-related choices we’ve made and how we’ve come to feel about them in the long term. And then I got an e-mail a few weeks ago asking about the rug in the library and whether we regret going with such a light color, … Continue reading

Abe’s Vintage Fisher Price Little People Collection and Wishlist

When I was a kid, Fisher Price Little People were, hands down, my very favorite toys for a very long time. My mom was (and is) an excellent garage saler, so we had a huge collection of the stuff. My brother and I would dump all the accessories into a big pile in the floor and then take turns choosing … Continue reading