Kids’ Rooms Bedding Updates: Target’s Pillowfort

Originally I was going to get this post up on Monday, so this part I’m doing first where I’m all, “hey–hope you had a good Easter weekend!” and then self-indulgently post a few adorable Easter kid photos was going to seem more timely. Anyway, I hope all of you who celebrate had a great Easter and that all of you … Continue reading

A French Impressionist Dining Room…..or not

My dining room is difficult. It’s always been difficult. Like, one of my very first blog posts was about these lamps I painted for the dining room. And pretty much everyone in the world was like, “Gretchen, those are not good lamps,” even Dave, who has few opinions on such things. And I stuck with the lamps for awhile, probably … Continue reading

Hello Spring Home Tour: Peacock Edition

Welcome to my spring home tour, complete with the occasional peacock feather! Stick around until the end because I’m also going to tell you how to win $400 AND direct you to a whole bunch of other fabulous spring home tours. You’ll probably want to cancel your afternoon appointments. When I got the chance to participate in the spring home … Continue reading

A New Light and Getting Philosophical about the Hallway

So we went with the immediate gratification light from Lowes: Immediate gratification and saving $50 or so were two of our motivations. I also liked that this light fixture is different from any others I’ve seen. I really liked the gold one, but it’s super of the moment. And, finally, I started to think the gold one was a little … Continue reading

Hallway Light Options and Random Stuff

I keep meaning to do more random stuff that’s not big enough for its own post kind of posts. But then I don’t. But, look! Now I am! Hooray! Hallway Light Options I mentioned the other day that we’re planning to replace the old light in the hallway: The one that’s there now isn’t the one the house came with. … Continue reading

Hallway Painted: The Winner Is….

Revere Pewter! (I didn’t really watch the Oscars, because I don’t make it to the movies so much anymore and also I don’t have cable. But I hear that that Leonardo DiCaprio won, and everyone was like “finally,” but I would like to submit for your consideration this statistical analysis of whether he really was the one who was next … Continue reading