House Goals 2016: Mid-year Check-in

It’s that time of year when I look back at the list of goals we made in January and see whether we’re on track for success or dismal, humiliating failure! Fun! Disclaimers about this year’s list: this is a tricky year for both house stuff and blogging for a few reasons. Dave is (still!) working on his master’s degree, which … Continue reading

A Summer Table Courtesy of Our Awesome House Sitters and Thrifting

I’ve been meaning to do a summer table for the blog since…well, since back when it was still going to be a spring table. I’ve been working on putting together a collection of blue and white transfer-ware for awhile now, and I finally had enough to fill a table (along with some other recent acquisitions). But I never quite got … Continue reading

Kristi’s Modern Farmhouse/ Rustic Glam Master Bathroom Makeover

Post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! I had these really grand plans for keeping up with blogging while we were out of town. I had photos all ready to edit from both my mom’s porch and Kristi’s bathroom. And then I was also going to do posts with photos of….designy things we saw on the trip: lovely … Continue reading

My Mom’s A-frame House Tour, Part 3: The Screen Porch

Long time readers will recall that I am very, very slowly rolling out a tour of my mom’s A-frame house. Nearly two years ago, I showed you most of the first floor, including the kitchen and living room. And then a little over a year ago, I posted the upstairs (bedrooms and bathroom). So now that’s it’s 2016, it’s time … Continue reading