A Tour of Our New Toy Hauler: Jayco Octane SL 272

So this two blog thing can lead to overthinking. I mean, most things can lead to overthinking for me, so it’s not surprising, really. Clearly, posts about actually traveling go on the travel blog, Boxy Colonial on the Road. But what about if we’re not “on the road” but in our driveway, but still in our trailer? What THEN?! We … Continue reading

The Corner Shelf in the Den Finally Gets its Own Post

I showed you the finished corner shelf in the den as part of my Christmas house tour, but then, what with Christmas and all that, there was never really a chance to do a whole post just about the shelf. But it was a pretty big project AND I finally got around to taking all the Christmas stuff off of … Continue reading

Superkea Sunday, 2017!

I have a confession to make: when we got home from Ikea on Sunday, we put Abe to bed and then watched most of the last half of the Super Bowl. And boy was that ever a bummer. Lesson learned: don’t watch football; stay at Ikea longer. This was our fifth annual Superkea Sunday, and it was the least crowded … Continue reading

The Great Indoor Gardening Experiment

Post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Here’s how gardening usually works around here. March: I am SO excited about my garden! Let’s go build garden beds and buy seeds and we’re going to have SO MUCH FOOD! April: Yay! Winter is over! Plants seeds in the ground! May: These beans are doing SO GREAT! Lots of the … Continue reading