What’s Going on Around Here Lately

It’s time for one of those periodic “I don’t really have a project to show you, but honest we HAVE been doing stuff. Here: let me show you” posts. Easter happened (umm….it was almost a week ago now! Hope those of you who celebrate had a great Easter!) Abe was the only one of my kids to hunt for eggs … Continue reading

Drayton Hall in Charleston, SC

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a plantation or other historic home in Charleston. So when I was planning our itinerary for our Spring Break trip, I didn’t want us to tour just any old historic homes. I wanted the best ones and, in particular, the ones with something a little….different about them. I ended up settling on Mcleod … Continue reading

Big and Little Kids Love Fairy Houses

The fairy house/terrarium type thing my older kids made featured in my spring home tour a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to come back and do a separate post about it (and the one Abe made later) because it was such a surprisingly big hit with all of them, and it’s not terribly often these days that I … Continue reading