DIY Pieced Together Kids’ Superman Costume for Halloween

As I mentioned on Instagram, last minute Halloween costume posts are the only Halloween costume posts I do. I believe last year I didn’t post any costume pics until after Halloween, in fact….maybe the year before, too, so if you keep in mind about how everything’s relative and all, I’m doing very, very well this year! Go me! So Superman … Continue reading

DIY Dollar Store Rat Place Card Holders and a Halloween Tablescape (plus a bit more Halloween)

As I said when I showed you my friend Tracy’s fabulous Halloween house tour, I didn’t do a whole lot of Halloween decorating myself this year. We usually come up with a big theme and at least do a display in the dining room (like last year’s Decomposing Composers, or the Camp-o-Ween theme from 2015)….but this year inspiration eluded us … Continue reading

Tracy’s Spooktacular Halloween House Tour

Hey, this isn’t my house! I’ve been really negligent about Halloween decorating myself this year (although I may have a small post for you later), so this year I’m showing you the house of the best Halloween decorator I know, my friend Tracy (who gets a lot of help from her son/Milo and Gus’s good friend, Jack). I meant to do … Continue reading

A Tour of Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park

(this is part of a series of posts about touring historic buildings while on our cross country road trip last summer. You can read all about the non-architecture-related parts of the trip over on my travel blog) Architect Robert Reamer was 29 years old when he designed Old Faithful Inn for Yellowstone National Park. Workers toiled through the long winter of 1903-04 … Continue reading