Happy Holidays and See You Next Year!

I meant to have one more post about something other than how I’m not posting anymore this year up today, but then it got late and the photos weren’t edited and the next episode of The Crown beckons…so instead I’m just posting right quick to say Merry Everything to all of you, thank you so much for spending some of … Continue reading

Christmas Trees in the Kids’ Rooms, plus Abe’s State Puzzle Tree

Hey, look what happened here last weekend: We got what is, for Georgia, a massive amount of snow. It was supposed to be an inch or so, but it ended up being something like 6 or 7 inches. And a nice, convenient sort of snow that was beautiful and fluffy and fell on roads that warmed up enough during the … Continue reading

Our Travel Christmas Tree: My Home Style

I’m excited to be back again this year participating in My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition, hosted by Stephanie over at Casa Watkins Living. A big welcome to those of you coming over from House Homemade, and make sure that when you’re done here you hop over to see what the very talented Domicile 37 has going on tree-wise this … Continue reading

In Search of the Perfect Christmas Playlist (and the top 20 songs from mine)

Way back the very first Christmas I was blogging here, I posted that year’s Christmas Playlist. I’ve made a lot of additions (and subtractions) since then, and every year I think about posting an updated list, and every year I…..don’t. This year I decided to search deep within myself for the reason, and what I came up with is pretty … Continue reading