To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper: Dining Room Plans

Here’s how the dining room looks at the moment. Well, not this exact moment, but when the table’s cleaned off: The dining room is a funny trouble spot, in that I’ve never been happy with it even though I am pretty happy with the furniture in it and, with the exception of the chairs, that hasn’t changed much since we moved … Continue reading

Christmas 2017 Recap and….We Have Chicks!!

Post contains affiliate links. If you buy something after following my links, I get a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Here’s why my Christmas recap is so late this year: I wanted to show you our new girls! We had chickens several years ago, at our old house, and gave them to … Continue reading

Plans for 2018: of the House, Blog, and Personal Varieties

Happy New Year! I meant to do a Christmas recap post before this one, but we’re actually picking up the last of our Christmas presents today, and I wanted to be able to include them in the Christmas post, so I’m switching things up. I just took a look back at my post about 2017 house plans from last year … Continue reading