Abe at 11 Months


Usually when I write these posts, I think, “OMG–he’s getting SO big! He’s changed so much!” This month I’m just thinking, “wow. It seems like I was taking his 10 month pictures yesterday. He’s more mobile, more verbal, more into everything this month than last, but there haven’t been any big milestones of note that I can think of. Or maybe we were just too busy to notice.

My last two kids were both walking before eleven months (Ari took until a year exactly), but Abe really does not seem at all interested. He can cruise, and he can walk holding our hands or pushing his little walker toy thing, but even those things he can kind of take or leave. Dave didn’t walk until something like 15 months, so maybe he’ll take after him. This would be fine, as Dave remains pretty darn laid back to this day.

Next time I do one of these posts he’ll be a YEAR old! Insert cliched but totally true ramblings about how unbelievably fast it goes by. I plan to put all the monthly photos together in a book for him/us, so he’ll have something resembling a baby book. And then maybe pictures every three months for the next year?

All the pictures, including….the return of the big Ikea seal!

abe11months8small abe11months7small abe11months6small abe11months5bwsmall abe11months4small abe11months3small abe11months1small


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  1. what a cutie pie! my nephew (who is the first baby in the family since me… and I’m 28… so we have no idea about babies anymore) didn’t start walking until last month when he turned 15 months. We were starting to be afraid he’d never walk! he developed a pretty solid crawl/spin move and seemed so content with it. haha, then one day we put some rubber soled shoes on him and offfffff he went to chase my dog.

  2. Oh sweet boy! Ramona just up and walked one day at about 11 months. Crazy how they just decide when they want to do things. Of course he can take his time with that walking business. No need to get even more mobile! 🙂

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