Abe at 13 Months

I’m going to keep doing monthly photos of Abe this year, since babies change nearly as much from one to two as from birth to one, it seems. But I’ve got another photo project going on this year, too (more on that in a couple of weeks), so I’ll keep it a little more laid back than in his first year. Why this month I only have two pictures to post!

abe13months1small abe13months2small


Still no walking! He stands up by himself fairly frequently lately, but he’s still a very devoted crawler.

But he did hit a big milestone a few days ago with his very first double ear infection, accompanied by his first course of antibiotics! Poor baby. He’s feeling much better now, but getting amoxicillin into this kid was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Assisted by google and facebook, we tried every trick anyone has ever thought of: mixing with pudding, milk, applesauce, yogurt; blowing in his face to make him swallow; sneaking the syringe in the corner of his mouth while he’s nursing…..the only thing that worked was holding him down and forcing it in, but that was, of course, traumatic for all involved. Then, suddenly, last night–on day six of our ten day marathon of torture–he decided he LOVED the stuff. He smiled and sucked it down happily, saying, “mmmmmmm!” the whole time. He’s a puzzle, this one is.

Aside from bubble gum flavored penicillin, Abe’s favorite thing this month is doors. “Door! Door! Door! Door!” he chants endlessly. Imagine how exciting the freezer section of the grocery store is for him! Unfortunately, his favorite thing about doors is doorknobs, and he’s not tall enough to reach them himself. So he wants someone to hold him while he plays with them. Then he cries when you finally put him down.

Other favorites include climbing the stairs over and over again, stacking blocks (new this week! Until the other day he only wanted to knock them down), putting things in other things, turning everything into a drum, and dancing (while sitting down, of course, because standing is dangerous).


Abe at 13 Months — 13 Comments

    • Sad part is I only took him to the doctor because the ice storm was coming; I would totally have waited it out for at least another day otherwise. poor kid!

  1. Poor buddy with his double ear infection. Henry had so many ear infections last year I asked our pediatrician for an amoxicillin drip. 😉 Hope he feels better soon.

  2. I hate given medicine too!!! So completely stressful! But how funny that he eventually took to it! Adorable photos friend! A wonderful week ahead to you! Nicole xo

    • Now we’re all out of it, and Dave wants to call the ped’s office to get the prescription refilled because we wasted so much trying to get it in him he finished a day and a half early. I’m like, “so YOU call. I think it’s good enough!”

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