Abe at 14 Months



My favorite pictures are always the ones where he looks so serious! He’s really a very happy baby most of the time. But he’s stiller when he’s not smiling.



Big, huge month for Abe! Here’s why:



He started walking about two weeks ago, and he’s very proud of himself. It’s really fun to learn to walk when you have three big brothers to clap for you every time you take a step. He still crawls if he has anywhere particularly far to go; he’s been crawling for so long that he’s really fast and efficient that way, so I think the switch is a little tough for him.

One nice thing about his relatively late walking is that he can already stand up without pulling up on anything. I remember that part taking forever with Ari. I was sure I’d have to come to college with him so that I could stand him up next to a coffee table or something to get him started in the mornings. Anyway! We’re all very excited! I even got an iphone video of some of his very first steps. Having a baby after iphones were invented is handy that way.

His nighttime sleeping still leaves much to be desired, but he’s finally settled into a consistent nap schedule (knock wood)….I get an hour and a half to two hours most every late morning now, which is quite nice.

His favorite thing in the world right now is “DOOR!”s. If we would hold him right next to the front door and let him play with the knob and lock all day long, he would be the happiest baby who ever lived. A couple of weeks ago, while we were out for a walk, he suddenly realized thatΒ every house in our neighborhood has a door. This was wonderful for him. “Door! Door! Door! DOOOOOOORRR!” Then we took Milo to the orthodontist, and the waiting room had a tiny door just the right size for Abe to reach the handle. Wow. Best.day.ever.



His hair is so long now, and–dare I say it?–a little bit curly:



Not much yet, I know…but it has to start somewhere. It looks a lot like Milo’s still wavy/curly-ish hair did at that age. If I can’t have a red headed baby, I’ll take a curly headed one.

abe-14-months3-small abe-14-months1-small


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    • Yes! You definitely need the humidity….if giving your child curly hair isn’t worth moving across the country for, I don’t know what is πŸ˜‰

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