Abe at 15 Months



I almost forgot to take pictures yesterday when Abe turned 15 months! I guess he really is growing up if I can (almost) forget his 15 month birthday. Soon I’ll have to just tell people “a year and a half” when they ask how old he is, because people on the internet make fun of you if you talk about how many months old your kid is for too long.

But I can still do it for now, because he’s still my BABY.

abe15months6small abe15months3-small


I tried to get a picture of him walking towards the camera, but he’s gotten too fast for me. Climbing is his newest love; it’s nearly completely eclipsed doors in his heart:



He says quite a few words; “dog” and “bye bye” might be his favorites, but he’s started chanting “nononono” the past few days, and I’m guessing that one will be getting quite a bit of use soon. He also clearly understands just about everything we say these days. Where’s your head, Abe?





Abe at 15 Months — 13 Comments

  1. So sweet! You got quite a few of him looking at the camera! The climbing always scares me – my little one is so fast and I feel like I’m always rescuing him. 🙂

    • It’s not a fun stage, is it? I didn’t expect this one to be such a daredevil…he seemed so cautious until a few days ago!

  2. Posts about Abe always put a smile on my face! I can not believe how big he is getting…but like you said…he is still your baby! Enjoy every second! Nicole xoxo

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