Abe at 21 Months

I did monthly updates on Abe until he turned 18 months, so I thought halfway between a year and a half and two (!) might be a good time for a check in. If you read my trip recap, you have a pretty good idea of what Abe’s like these days. He’s crazy and full of energy and exhausting and hilarious and sweet. He says far more words than we count, but no sign of sentences yet. Instead, he puts single words together to tell captivating narratives about all the exciting things that happened at story time this week: “Babies!” Translation: there were many babies there. I enjoy being around other babies, and by babies I mean all children who have not yet reached puberty. “Wa-wa!” Translation: I was unable to sit still for the FOURTH book about bears hibernating at story time, so I hopped up and ran out of the room to the water fountain. “Kisti!” Translation: Also, Kristi was there with my good friends Leo and Cormac, and I really, really, REALLY love seeing Kristi. Almost as much as I love shouting her name with glee.

Here are a few pics of my newly 21 month old, in between attempts to destroy assorted state park property:

fdr02s fdr05s fdr30s



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  1. I love you too, Abe! I like tickling you under the chin and playing with your curls while Mama tries to hold you. 🙂

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