Abe at Eight Months

Abe turned eight months old on Tuesday. Tuesdays are the days we run around like mad all day, and, of course, it was cloudy…I almost bagged the whole thing and waited for Wednesday, but I decided to take a few minutes Tuesday evening and see what I could get. And then I took a few more Wednesday (when it was STILL cloudy) for good measure. So in some of these pictures, Abe is actually eight months and ONE DAY old.

This was a very busy month in baby development. When I posted his pictures last month, he was very, very close to crawling. He had it down within a week or so after hitting seven months, and now there’s no stopping him. He also gets up on his hands and feet and crawls that way sometimes instead of on his knees. He’s pulling up on everything all the time. He claps! Today I could have sworn he said “doggy” very clearly twice, but I can’t get him to do it on command, so it’s hard to know for sure. But he’s doing lots of fun babbling. He’s not so quick with the smiles anymore for people he doesn’t know well, but he stares intently at them for the longest time and then occasionally decides to bestow a toothy grin. He started his Music Together classes a few weeks ago, and his teacher says he’s the best one in his class. I’m just kidding. She didn’t say that at all. But I can tell that’s what she’s thinking ;).

More pictures!

Best toothy grin I’ve ever gotten. Too bad there wasn’t more light so I could have gotten it a little sharper. Five teeth now. He’s working on number six, and it’s keeping us all from sleeping nearly as much as we’d like. Stupid tooth! Why do they need so many anyway?!

My baby is a goofy baby.

I put this one in for the arched eyebrow. He does that a lot.

Crawling: mastered! He can even do it one handed when he needs to pick up something to put in his mouth. Which is always.

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